Friday, February 7, 2014

Where to start , where to start....

wow, I knew it had been a while since I've posted anything, but didn't realize it's almost a year. Hopefully I can get back into this.

Lots has happened in the last year. I'll summarize it up as best I can LOL

In May Sean started trucking with a new company , the same company his dad has worked for, for years. He's flat bedding now so it's more money then just driving hauling a van trailer. He's loving it and gets to see lots of Canada and a bit of Michigan. I've went with him a few times, I try to go every few months. That's usually when we are missing each other a lot so it's nice to spend an entire week together.

My first  trip with him was a load headed for Calgary and it was replacement arena boards for the Saddledome to repair it after the huge flood. What a rewarding load to deliver. We pulled in and every single construction worker was happy we'd made it!

I just went with him a couple weeks ago, and boy what a trip. We headed to Calgary with our first drop. Once unloaded we were to go to Galloway BC which is just 3 hours from Calgary to pick up a load of hydro poles. I've officially been to all western provinces and as far east as Quebec. Anyway, we left Galloway and approximately  55 km's east our truck went BANG, SHAKE SHAKE ...holy cow scared me half to death LOL , Sean pulled over immediately. Luckily there was a widening in the road, because when driving in the mountains there are few places to pull over. We had cell service too which later were were informed that that's a very small stretch of road that Rogers Cell service will work. Sean called his boss after checking out the truck and it looked like the transmission blew. So the boss got in touch with a local garage and the owner came out and picked us up and took us to the local motel. It was a nice place (the boss paid for it too! ) with a lounge and restaurant. It was in Sparwood BC. Sparwood is a mining town , very cute quaint little spot. The garage went out the next day and picked up Sean's truck and trailer and brought it into town. Sparwood was 13kms from where the truck broke down.

We found out the next day that the boss wanted Sean's truck 'floated' home to be fixed rather then getting it fixed out west. That meant he was going to bus us to Lethbridge Alberta, then fly us from Lethbridge to Toronto. Wow, like I said what a trip. So, our flight out of Lethbridge was scheduled for 1:15pm on the Friday. The catch was that the only bus that came through Sparwood was at 1:40am. So we got up, went to the bus stop at 1:10 am to be sure we wouldn't miss it. We waiting until 2:30am and still no bus. We started to walk back to the hotel (which we'd already checked out of) when we saw an RCMP officer. Sean went over and asked if he knew when the bus came. The officer contacted dispatch and the dispatch lady said it came at 3:15am not 1:40am. She'd lived there for 38 years so the officer said she'd be the one who would know. So we walked back to the hotel to grab a coffee because we were totally frozen at this point. We figured we'd walk back to the bus stop for 3am to be safe. We were told by hotel staff that if you aren't waiting at the bus stop the bus won't even stop, just keeps driving. We were just about to walk out the door at 2:50 when bus came flying into town. Sean started running to try and catch the bus but no luck. what.

We walked back into the hotel and told the night girl that yep, we missed it for sure that time. She said it's happened before. The bus ride was supposed to cost us $100 bucks so Sean says to her " got any friends that wanna make a quick $100 bucks and drive us to Lethbridge (2 hours away) or do  you wanna make $100 bucks" . Well she thought about it for a second and says "I'll drive you"...we were shocked. I mean really, she doesn't know us at all but man were we ever grateful. She says " I'll give you my number in case I sleep in, I get off at 7am and need a couple hours sleep but I'll be here at 9:15 to pick you up" She then gave us back our room so we could get a couple hours sleep.She handed me the piece of paper with her number on it and we went back upstairs to our room.

When we get into the room I look at the piece of paper and my mouth dropped. Her name was .....ready for this....ANGEL!!! How awesome is that.

We met Angel at 9am and off we went. She drove us right to the Lethbridge airport with lots of time to spare. We paid her the $100 bucks , gave her a hug and thanked  her for being our 'guardian angel' LOL

We were headed home....BUT...we land in Toronto to one of the worst storms ever. Sean's mom and dad were supposed to meet us to pick us up but nope, they couldn't get to us because of all the roads being closed. Sean's aunt lives in Mississauga so she agreed to pick us up thankfully. We ended up spending two days stranded in Mississauga at Aunt Shelly's place but we were warm, and fed well!

Sunday we headed out and met up with Sean's mom and dad in Orangeville , and they took us up to the yard to get our pickup truck. We got home around 6pm Sunday night. Like I said what a trip!!!!!

We are also grandparents again to a beautiful little girl AVA. She was born October 18th, 2013, almost 4 weeks early. Hard to believe I am a grandma let alone to two. Krystal is also pregnant, with a healthy baby girl and is due in March so I'll soon have 3 grand kids.

Anyway, I think this post is big enough LOL so I'll sign off now. Must get something accomplished!

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Spring finally here?

Since my last post, less then a month ago, my sisters mother in law has passed. It was quicker then any of us thought :( She's no long in any pain which is good.

My father in law had some tests and it's been determined that he has a very bad case of pneumonia , thank goodness...we all feared the worse. Dean told me once I got cancer, that it'll always be a monkey on your back and boy was he right. Anyone that's had cancer will understand. Before cancer, if you get sick, or an ache or a pain it was nothing, but once you've had cancer, you are always worried that whatever go wrong could possibly be the cancer back. Thankfully in this case that wasn't true.

April 26th is my next check up. I'm confident that all is well..this summer marks 3 years as a survivor!!!! Sean is even coming with me to this appointment. He's missed all of them since becoming a truck driver, but he's been having shoulder issues and had to book the day off to have an ultrasound done on his shoulder, so he's coming with me in the morning...YAYYYYYYY Hopefully we'll get some answers as to his shoulder issue. The doctor thinks it might be a rotater cuff tear..oh joy LOL..never a dull moment.

Hope wherever you are, you are getting some nice weather..we've had such a long winter and long spring....the sun has finally started to shine!

Have a great day!!

Keep Smilin'

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey How's things?

I've been so slack in coming here, but I'd like to get back to it. Feels good to write down what's going on and how I feel.

Things are good for the most part. My sisters mother in law has lung cancer and the treatments have stopped working , it's stage 4. She's still managing to do things around the house but we all now what's coming. My father in law had prostate cancer before I had breast cancer and everythings been good. He went for a CT of his abdomen last week as part of a check up and the CT caught the bottom part of his lungs where nodes were detected. He went back yesterday for a CT of just his lungs and numerous nodes were found, worse in the right lung so now he's being booked with specialists. It could either be inflammation or tumors. We are all definitely praying for inflammation. He's not been feeling well and has no appetite so this has Sean and I very worried. Hopefully we'll know soon what's going on so we can go from there.

I go for my check up next month and I'm positive it's all good. 2013 hasn't proved to be very good health wise for quite a few people I know so I'm hoping that changes.

I've been doing some purging and I gotta say, it sure feels good. I started with my contacts in my cell phone. It's funny how many can accumulate that you never have contact with so voila..gone
Next it was my scrap room. Now, I'm not big on purging unless I REALLY won't use it. If I bought it , even if it was years ago that means I liked it and I'll more then likely still use it. Anything I have come up with I've saved for a friend who works with teenage mom's and gets them to scrapbook which I think is awesome. I have a HUGE and HEAVY container ready for her...just need to make my way to Hamilton to give it to her.

Have you ever been given something by someone and thought that the only reason they did it was for their own self gratification? Well I've had that feeling with a few things so they've been purged too. They don't really mean anything to me and I figure they might as well go to someone else. One being a pink scrapbook album that I was given a couple years ago after I beat cancer. It was a nice gesture but quite frankly the people that gave it to me did it for their own benefit so I removed the pages I had already completed. My son's girlfriend wants to scrap but doesn't have any money to get started so for Christmas  gave her that album and a HUGE pizza box jam packed full of papers and embellishments. WELL was she happy! I love enabling someone else LOL

Sean is still trucking, all is well with him. He's strictly Ontario which makes communication much easier for us. I've went with him a couple times. I love watching him do his job...he suits sitting behind the wheel of that truck. Just last night he was headed to Sudbury so Reece and I jumped in the truck and met him in Barrie for supper. That was awesome! It's the little things that make you happy :) :)

Can you believe my grandson is going to be 2 this May...and my youngest is going to be 16! Where did the time disappear to. Noah is absolutely adorable and such a good boy and is all I can say. She's so mature and it's really fun to be able to have adult conversations with her. She talks to both Sean and I a lot which is awesome. She's pretty cool to be around and the second semester of grade 10 has not missed one single day or class of school EVER!!!

Well, I should go, I've spent the day so far cleaning the house and it's almost done. Next it's into my scrap room as I have a couple layouts I need to get done as well as 100's more!

Keep Smilin'!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A New Year, A New Start?

Here we are at 2013 (remember when the world was supposed to end in the year 2000) , I had high hopes for this year but so far it hasn't started out very well. On January 1st, Krystal went skiing with her boyfriend and when they went to leave the resort , she noticed that someone had hit her back bumper in the parking lot and cracked it from one side to the other.

One week later, someone pulled out in front of my son Jesse and totalled his car. The other guy was found at fault and charged, but both air bags deployed and there was front end damage to my son's 2005 Grand Prix so the insurance company wrote it off..he was so upset :( . It's hard being a mom and not being able to fix what still upsets your kids.

On January 7th my father in law (who is also a trucker) left for a two week trip to British Columbia and back. He said he ran into some of the worse weather he's ever driven in. He was stuck in a few places due to closed roads. He made it back on January 21st, and was 3 blocks from his yard in Thornbury when a 17 year old girl pulled out in front of him in a Volkswagen Jetta. She didn't give him 20 feet in front of his truck when she pulled out. We think she ran the stop sign but no one is sure. His truck ended up in the ditch, the load of hydro poles broke free and some slide past his cab. He had a 'headache rack' on his truck which stopped the poles from penetrating the bunk and cab. The truck is a write off, but thankfully my father in law is ok. Lots of bruising and cuts but he's ok..and that's what matters. The little twerp in the car was lucky she wasn't killed. Last we heard her dad wants to sue my father in laws company for pain and suffering even though she was charged and found at fault. We'll see how that flies but then companies rarely do anything the way we think it should be done.

A week ago poor Noah got a gastro/intestinal bug and was pretty sick for a few days. He was however sweet enough to pass it on to his mother , his uncle , and two family friends. Everyone seems to be on the mend now though thank goodness.

Jesse's dad gave him a pick up truck , a Ford F-250 which he's super happy about. The money the insurance company paid for Jesse's car went toward the loan owing so it seems to have all worked out, funny how that is.

Well , I'm outta here for now :) lets hope or health and happiness from this point on!

Keep smilin'

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back Again - Did ya miss me?

Guess who? Yep, I'm back again. I'm hardly ever on my computer and typing out large posts on my phone is a pain in the butt...but I have time today to post from work so here I am.

Krystal is no longer pregnant :( There were just too many issues and complications with regards to genetics so she chose to end the pregnancy. The baby wouldn't have had any quality of life :( We found out through testing he would be missing 127 genes :( It's so sad...and something I don't ever wish on anyone. Because of how far along she was she had to be induced and delivery a stillborn. It was a long night, I stayed with her in the hospital. So sad :(

Remember the story about the friends of ours that no longer talk to us because she was unfaithful? Well they still don't. I guess the friendship is officially over. I sent Kevin a text message, but didn't get a response, then I sent Dayle one and didn't get a response their either. That's ok...I gave it my best shot. I'm not sure how not talking to us will prevent her from screwing around on him again...after all this isn't the first time she's done it with the same guy. She should consider herself lucky that Kevin loves her that much to stick by her. Must be tough with him being a truck driver but I guess they are making it work. All things happen for a reason and I guess sometimes you just have to accept that there wasn't a friendship there in the first place. Too bad really, Dayle and I have known each other since high school.

2013 is going to be an awesome year...I can feel it. Sean and I are finally working on our house, getting the renovations started. I think shortly after Christmas we will buy the flooring for the kitchen and get that done. We are finally getting back on track financially too. I have my yearly mammogram scheduled for April and just a couple weeks ago we finally got a new doctor, only 20 minutes from home and he's awesome. Reece and I met him and both really like him. I think he's dutch but so down to earth.

Christmas is sooooooo close, and I'm excited. I'm almost done my shopping, with any luck I'll be done in the next few days. I know pretty much what I have to get, just a matter of getting it. Noah is going to be so much fun this year. He's such a smart kid, picks up on everything and watches everything around him. I can't wait for the photo op's!

Well, gotta run...

Keep Smilin'

Friday, October 26, 2012

yayyyyy It's Friday

I love Friday's , likely because I don't go into my regular job. I do have a few things to get done today..I now have my business cards in two real estate offices, and am going to a 3rd today. I'm also going to work on an ad in the local paper. I'm so pumped to get this new career off the ground. I've been a bit lax since I got my mortgage agent licence but mainly because I didn't have the money to proceed with advertising etc. Gotta have money to make money they say- I wonder who 'they' are!

Are you a fan of Pinterest? At first I wasn't, didn't need yet another 'thing' to keep me preoccupied on the computer, but then Krystal sent me an invitation to join so I thought, ok ok I'll check it out. I asked some friends a bit ago if they ever go back and use any of the things they've pinned, and for the most part they said no. I kind of chuckled as at that point I hadn't used anything I've pinned either, but last Friday, I did.
I was checking it out and came across an very tasty recipe for pulled taco chicken in the crock pot. I decided to make it that day and wow, it was awesome!! It's would be fairy healthy too (depending on what you do with it afterward). It was just boneless skinless chicken breast, a package of Taco seasoning (I used Epicure's) and salsa...when it's cooked pull it all apart and serve on tortillas. It was awesome!!

A small update with my health for ya.

I found a small lump a few months back on the left promptly had things checked out. I had a few tests to complete including a needle biopsy with my surgeon to make sure it wasn't anything to worry about. I'm glad to report it was nothing, just dense tissue. I am still 100% , and am now being checked yearly every April!!

I think I had mentioned way back when I was in active treatment that a good friend of mine was also in treatment at the same time. It was her second bout with lymphoma...everything was going great too. We both finished our treatments around the same time and it was looking good. Well, she started having health issues, which included a really bad dose of shingles. Apparently shingles are quite coming after chemo but no one bothered to tell either of us. There is something they can give cancer patients to help prevent them but Joan wasn't given that. Long story short, she ended up having a stroke because of it, and even then started to recover but things just weren't right. Well after a long battle with just about everything you could throw at this woman, she lost her battle a couple of months ago. She was one of the most caring women I know...was there for everyone that needed anything. I still have her emails that we shared during our treatments. She was only in her early 50's and has left behind a wonderful husband and 5 kids. Two are step kids, three are hers with the  youngest 2 being 11 year old twins. Sad and just not fair.

Well, I should run and get ready and get this to do list covered...

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Never a dull moment...

So, here I am again....there never seems to be a dull moment, although lately I've been hoping for some. Here's the scoop...
Krystal ( my oldest) is pregnant..due April 2nd. She had a routine NT screening (Nuchal Translucency screening) which measure the amount of fluid on the back of the babies neck. The maximum the doctors want to see is a reading of 3.5 mm...Krystal's baby is 7.2mm. So , they wanted to do more testing, because this type of reading can mean a chromosomal issue such as Downs syndrome or Turners syndrome. There are 5 common chromosomal issues actually. SOOOO we went off to Toronto to North York General to see a geneticist. They did an amniocentesis to test the baby for different issues. They immediately test for the 5 most common and in two days called her to say it wasn't one of those. That was the first bit of good news. Then they sent her for an echo cardiogram of the baby's heart at Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto as this type of reading could also have meant a congenital heart defect. That test we went for on Monday, and were told that even though it's a couple weeks earlier then what they'd like to do this test, everything with the babies heart looks good, no defect but they've scheduled her for another echo of the baby's heart on November 5th, because the baby will be that much bigger so they'll get a better look. In the mean time, the genetics department continue to test the amniotic fluid for other chromosome issues. We had an appointment today to get the results of that. What they've found is that there is a partial deletion to chromosome 7 so today her and the baby's daddy had to get a blood test to see if either of them also have the deletion in the 7th chromosome. They are also sending her amniotic fluid to a place in Seattle Washington for extensive testing. Basically how they described it to us today was, that if you look at your chromosomes like an encyclopedia, some could be missing half, or some might just have a few pages missing. This baby has a few pages missing ( which means gene's) so hopefully the place in Seattle will be able to test to see 'What pages are missing' which will hopefully tell us what exactly the issue is with the baby. It could still be normal, but because her initial reading was 7.5mm, they are quite concerned. We are still hoping for the best. The 'pages missing' could be anything from normal to a slight learning disability, to something much more serious.
OH, and without a doubt it's another boy so we are really hoping it's nothing to serious.

Krystal also had tummy cramps yesterday which she found out were caused by a kidney infection which can be quite serious too, so she's on antibiotics for that but has to be careful and take it easy, but with Noah, at 17 months and full of piss and vinegar LOL that's hard to do. He's such a good baby, but busy...and smart. She took him for his first eye checkup and the optician was amazed at his hand eye coordination. If he sees a piece of paper, and you tell him to put it into the garbage he will. Krystal was telling me today, that he saw money on the table at her place, so he grabbed it, crumpled it up and toss it in the trash LOL
If you tell him to put something back where he got it he does. He's such a doll!

It also appears that I've lost a couple friends this week, although I use the term friend loosely. I've known these ladies for over 10 years. We met online through scrapbooking and have met quite a few times in person to do all weekend crops. We've also met here and there just for short visits if the opportunity presented itself. Well, there was a complete misunderstanding a couple years ago with one of these ladies who read something on my blog, took it upon herself to think I was referring to her. I told her it had nothing to do with her, she told me flat out she didn't believe me and that was that. Ok, so c'est la vie....things happen. I have continued to be friends with the rest of the group. Well this past weekend, these ladies all got together at the first ladies house (the one that misinterpreted the blog post) I'm happy for them. Since Sean started trucking, I don't make too many weekend plans, because that's basically the only time I get to see him. For years I've heard these ladies say how glad they are to be away from their husbands and kids for a weekend, I'm not the same. I relish the time I have. I thought they understood. We could go months without any actual communication but we were all friends on facebook so I'd see updates every now and then and I'm sure they would see mine. Well, this past weekend two of these 'friends' deleted me from Facebook. Now as childish as that seems, I did contact them both to ask why. One explanation was that 'were we really friends to begin with' and the other was that I haven't personally contacted this person in that deems us not friends. The last person has my sister on facebook as well as a couple scrapbook celebrities...both of which I know she's not had contact with in months, years if ever but yet, I'm the one she chooses to delete. My new saying C'est La Vie. It does still amaze me that at 40+ years that these ladies are they still act like immature teenagers. Funny, the communication highway I thought went both ways but apparently not. Neither of these ladies sent me messages when Sean broke his hip which I'm sure they must have noticed on their stories, I don't buy them. I think about all that I've been through, all Sean's been through and all Krystal is still going through and I'm grateful to have my family and my real true friends..not phony friends. I have friends on facebook that I've never met, only online through scrapbooking and they are obviously my friends without conditions...and that's just the way I like it!!

Reece went to visit a friend tonight that's in the hospital. Sad really, she's 15 years old and swallowed some pills wanting to end her life. Had dad found her and she was givin the charcoal to difuse the pills. I just don't get how someone at that age can think their life isn't worth living, but I guess it happens. She has just arrived home, so I'm going to go and chat with her now, see what she's thinking and how she's feeling.

Have a great night :)

Keep Smilin'