Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Rainy Morning

Good morning :)
It's raining again, hopefully it won't last all day. My son and his girlfriend are on their way to Canada's Wonderland today so if the rain would stop that would be good for them.

I plan to scrap today (who knew lol ) I have 14 pages for the KC swap to complete so that's the plan. I couldn't finish them until I got my printer up and running, and thanks to a great friend (with high speed) she downloaded the driver onto a flash drive and gave it to me!

well, off for a bit...I'm being bugged to make bacon and eggs

Have a great day

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Peggy said...

I know all to well about the rain. Wish it would end for a little while here as well. Hope it quits so they have a good day out today. Gotta finish my layout now. Need to finish my layouts for that swap too!!