Wednesday, June 18, 2008

3 more days

Just 3 more days until I get my rings back...I really miss them LOL and I can't wait to see what the new one looks like!!!!

Reece has soccer tonight, hope they win. This is the 4th game and they haven't won yet, but they have tied hopefully.

I finally did two layouts this past week...hopefully that'll be the start of some serious scrapping again. I'm not sure what happened, I was doing so good...but for some reason I just haven't been scrappin...although I have done a few cards

My good friend Peggy is heading into surgery, and i'm hoping all goes well....hugs to you my friend...soon you'll be good as new!

ok, so I must go and get some work done...

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Peggy said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful thoughts 'T' Love you Girl

Surgery went well and the healing has began. Finally free of that straight leg brace after 2 weeks in it. Therapy is going ok though I am terribly sore today. I know it will get better but pain is pain and when it's gone I will be so happy.