Sunday, June 8, 2008

So Excited!!!

SO, every since Sean and I got together, we buy two cards for each other for every silly one and one very sincere one...This year, we both ended up buying the exact same silly one...that has never happened before. I just started to giggle when I opened it.

We went out for the day shopping, and really not doing much. Reece had a pa day from school so it was the 3 of us. We went out for dinner and then on the way home, decided to stop in at a friends for a visit. I knew they had booked a trip to Mexico for September to celebrate her 40th birthday. Well, Sean and I have been talking about going for quite a while...we got on the internet and next thing you know....we have also booked a week away with our friends. So 10 years after we get married, we are actually getting our very first 'real' trip.

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