Thursday, July 10, 2008

ahhh....One more day of work to go

Well, the visitation was nice last night. Got a few hugs which is always good ....and nothing really had to be said. I feel really bad for Jim, her husband. He's been through so much in the last year since her diagnosis...i'm sure he'll be fine.

Reece had soccer tonight and OMG...she had a breakaway, nothing between her and the net but the goalie...she took the shot...and poof...not enough strength...SOOOOOO close to her first goal this year!!

Off to bed shortly, have to pick Sean up at 1am...and I will likely keep the truck to pick him up tomorrow night too. Jesse will need a ride home, and now since the ex's wife is being a &%$W( Jesse is no longer asking him for rides. Pretty sad really.

I have a layout I have to get done for a contest bonus...I have so many ideas...I must get them to paper. The deadline is Sunday, so i'm sure i'll be fine. Once I decide on pictures.

I think Sean and I might go shopping on Sunday , for a few new things for our trip :) I really don't have any 'nice' summer clothes. I don't even own a pair of capri's :( I told my friend last night, it's from years of working in a feed mill, you don't need nice clothes. BUT i'm changing that. I would love a nice sun dress..maybe even a couple skirts (WHAT!!!!!!) I've never wore skirts and dresses much, unless it was a wedding LOL I want to get a nice office job, so maybe if I change my overall appearance, it'll bring good luck!!!

Anyhoot...must run...bed time

Back soon :)

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