Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday work work

So, we had a productive weekend I think . We moved the kids computer downstairs, re-arranged our living room, did some small jobs that have been waiting for a while. Sean was able to get the truck fixed...the compressor for the air suspension system quit...we had only purchased it last October from Florida, so the defective one is on it's way back this morning. As long as they deem it'defective' i'll get my money back...cross your was over $200

We have chosen a tub for our bathroom reno...and our local hardware store is giving us a deal on it :) which is always good.

Only 47 days until our trip...Sean and I are so excited...we feel like a couple of little kids Christmas morning LOL

well, getting ready for work, so I must go...back soon!

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Twig's Corner said...

Those 47 days will fly by.