Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rainy Sunday!

Woke up to rain, not heavy but steady...a good rain to water everything without destroying it

We went to friends last night for a few drinks...same friends we are going to Mexico with. The air bag suspension on our truck isn't working properly :( which is not a good thing. Not really sure what's wrong, but it's our only vehicle, which isn't a good thing. We were supposed to go grocery shopping so we'll see

Yesterday, after Reece and I got our rooms cleaned and organized, Sean headed to our main bathroom. It only has a spa tub, but no shower. We want to overhaul it, putting the shower in there. The shower right now is in our small bathroom in our bedroom. Since nothing seemed to be done right, we pulled the tub right out and sure enough, not put in properly. It wasn't braced right or insulated right. We aren't sure if we'll go with a spa tub...I'd love a claw tub! We need to price out tubs and check sizes. We might end up just putting the old tub back in for now. We are gonig to put a new floor's wood right now but we are thinking ceramic tile maybe.

Anyhoot....hopefully Sean will figure out what's up with the truck...and hopefully it won't cost a fortune to fix :(

Have a great day!

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Tracey said...

Ugh.....I know all too well about thigns not done properly! I feel your pain. I hope there is nothing too serious wrong with your truck.

Take care Tracey.

PS ...BTW I tagged you on my blog :p