Thursday, September 25, 2008

A funny story I wanted to share!!

When we were in Mexico...we went into the town of Playa Del Carmen. While there we found a little bar on the beach and decided to enjoy a couple of cerveza's (beers). After a bit, both Dayle and I had to use the 'little girls room' so we asked our waiter. He pointed to the beach and say 'Playa' meaning beach...use the beach (the water) We both laughed, then he laughed and pointed towards a building up and around the corner. So, off Dayle and I go only to discover the 'womens' washroom had no toilet seat, no toilet paper and no door...not even one leading outside...(where is the OMG smilie when you need him ) so..we both sort of looked at each other when Dayle said 'you stand guard'...I mean honestly what choice did we have. SO, thatI did and she for me. Let me just say..'drip dry' We have never laughed so much in a long time. SO, we go back to the table, look at the waiter and say 'Yes, next time the Playa' LMAO ( just kidding)
Another funny point...the mens washroom HAD toilet paper!!! Go figure


*Desi* said...

always fun to have a good laugh! So glad you had a great trip!!

Peggy said...

OMG Too funny. Glad you guys didn't fall in. LOL