Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hope everyone was (in Canada ) was able to have some turkey and stuffing and good times this holiday weekend. Sean , Reece and I went to a friends campsite for Thanksgiving dinner. It was awesome! We all brought something..Dayle's mom brought the turkey , stuffing and gravy. YUM is all I can say! It was so tastey and there is something to be said for enjoying a turkey dinner while sitting among trees on a picnic table with a river running behind us. The salmon were spawning and while we ate we could hear the splashing of the fish! After dinner we sat around a bon fire which was sooo much fun! Lots of laughter and stories told, which is how I think every holiday should be celebrated. I did take a few pics, but with my film SLR so I'll upload a few when I get the film developed.

I'm almost done a layout...I haven't done one for over a week...just too many things on the go I suppose. I'm actually quite pleased with this one and will upload as soon as i'm done.

Have a great holiday Monday for those of you that are celebrating :)

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