Sunday, October 26, 2008

Home from the hospital

I was able to bring Sean home on Friday aftenroon from the hospital. Because the two vertebrae's in his back are what they call 'stable fractures' there is nothing they can do in the hospital. It's a matter of 'time heals all wounds' . I was able to borrow a walker for him, which helps immensely with his mobility and thank goodness our house is all on one level and an open concept :) He needs to rest and do nothing for at least two weeks. That is going to be tough, Sean is an active guy...he doesn't enjoy sitting and watching tv all day long...but he's going to have to like it for the time being. We need to go see the surgeon in 3 weeks for re-assessment so until then....i'm playing Nurse 'T' and taking care of my husband.

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