Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas shopping...

is half done..YIPPEE :)

Sean and I went out today, and are pretty much half done. We got the 'big' gifts for each the rest is a piece of cake. Each year we get them one gift that's something they really want/need and that costs quite a bit. The rest are fillers so to speak. We were able to get both Jesse and Reece's big that's a weight lifted. With Sean's back, he was pretty sore not long after we ventured out...but he persaveered. Now i just have to make a list of what else we need to get and get it...hopefully next weekend :) It'll feel good to be done completely!

It's starting to snow, we are supposed to get a wicked winter storm tonight and tomorrow, so lets hope LOL I want a snow day too

Have a good one

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