Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do you ever wonder.....

What happens to people you 'meet' online? Of course, I belong to quite a few scrapbook sites and I think I have quite a few friends that i've met on them. Most of us met on one certain site, but the site has went through some bumps and grinds and ownership changes etc this which most of the members left :( Now, I can understand it was pretty frustrating for a while, but is there no loyality. I guess it's just a different way of thinking. I like to visit all the sites I have friends at and I guess I just don't get how people can be quite active one minute then completely disappear and have nothing to do with that site anymore.

Not sure why this is bugging me today but thought i'd ramble on and get this off my chest. Seems if I want to keep my 'friends' I have to chase them all over the internet to the new sites they've decided to call home which I guess ticks me off a wee bit. I suppose I take things to heart too much and need to just realize they are more of aquaintences then friends'

Ok, done to get something accomplished today

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Anonymous said...

T, I'm sorry you feel this way. But I do feel I am loyal. I tried to say at the site you mentioned however, every since the really big hacking I've gotten an incredible amount of spam in my email account. If I don't visit that site anymore I don't get spam. If I visit it, even if I don't post anything, I start to get spam again. For me it was a hard decision but I feel invaded with all the spam. I have received spam in the past but only 1 or 2 a year. Not dozens a day! I had to make a choice to stay or move on. For my safety, at that of my friends and family who are in my contact list, I chose to move on.