Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One step forward, 12 steps back

Well, Monday evening, Sean was doing pretty good with his mobility when he went into the bathroom. He was using crutches instead of the walker which for a few days has been pretty good. He was coming out, when he tripped somehow and went down on our hardwood floor. The pain I saw him in was so hard to see. Jesse and I managed to get him up and onto the walker and into bed. He laid in bed from 9:30 Monday night until 5:30 Tuesday night. (ok, I did help him up to use the washroom before I went to work) but his back was so sore. Once I got home from work, I helped him get up and into the lazy boy in the livingroom. He was still pretty tender but refused to go back to the hospital.

Today is better. I got him up this morning before I left. He seems to be better tonight too...the pain is not near as bad as it was....thank goodness. Back injuries can be so scary.

So, we've just been relaxing so far this week...not really doing a whole lot. I did manage to finish a layout, but can't upload it here yet, as it was for a layout tag on a site that although i'm not sure, maybe some of the members visit my I'd hate to blow the suprise

Have a great evening!

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Peggy said...

(((HUGS))) To both of you sweetie. Sorry I have been MIA but I finally have enough homework to keep me busy. I am certain things will get better and before long you will be telling him to slow down again :)