Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's so cold...

so hard to believe that it's just the first of December...and it's so cold out :(

So,what's up for this weekend. Grocery shopping is likely are big outing..not exciting at all LOL
Next weekend, I plan to finish up the Christmas shopping. I need to make a list of everything we need to get..and just get it done. It'll feel good to get it done.

We also need to get our tree...not sure when that's going to happen...likely next weekend as well. Only 19 days until the BIG day...before we know it , it'll be 2009

Sean goes back to the doctor on the 11th...we'll hopefully find out then what the next step is. He's still in pain, so according to the doctor at the last visit, if he was still in pain, he would send him for an MRI. Sean is getting very discouraged with being off work this long and with being still in pain...but we are taking each day as it comes

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

I hope Sean feels better soon. There is nothing worse than being in pain and being discouraged.

I finally bitched enoughed and threatened to go buy heroin off the street corner unless they gave me some pain stuff. I ended up with some narcotic pain killers which worked like a miracle for me.

Twig's Corner said...

I pray he gets to feeling better.