Saturday, December 13, 2008

So, the results...

of the doctors appoint on Thursday are..................MRI

Hopefully this isn't going to take months to get done...The requesition as been sent to two hospitals, so with any luck our appointment won't be too long away

We have also made appointments with our own doctor to continue with. Sean is now pushing himself to do things because the pain is pretty much it doesn't matter whether he's sitting watching TV, cooking dinner or shovelling snow (although that one he has been told NOT to do by me....)

2008 started out really crappy, and it's proving to be ending in the same way, so i'm all for 2009....bring it on...and with it bring some good luck!!!


Peggy said...

OMG He is trying to move snow!! Good Call at stopping him T

Sure hope they can help him.


Jennifer said...

Here's hoping he gets his MRI soon!