Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wow, a great new look!!

I just popped into Kindred Creations and look and new look so fresh :)
Stop on by and check it out.

Pictures of the week!

This is my cinnamon bear :) She's been dipped in cinnamon wax and she really smells good!
Dd giving me the ' put the camera away' look

This was a big of a joke. One of the DT members on Kindred Creations user name is I just had to show her the store's name

Along with hundreds of bird we have this little guy also eating from our feeder. I don't mind though, he has to eat too!

Another pic of a beautiful mourning dove...

Monday, January 19, 2009

January 19...

Here is today's picture. There were actually two deer standing on the lawn of the house across thr road from me, but by the time I grabbed my camera, they had wandered back into the I choose these blocks to take a picture of. I bought these for my scraproom. I think they are so darn cute!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo a day --January 16-18

Another one of Reece's 'mirror images'. She is sick with a cold and this was left on our mirror after her shower
Our friend Kevin, making gravy at our house

Cardinals are a shy bird, and don't like a lot of commotion around a feeder. I caught this guy hiding out at the bottom of a tree eating the seeds off the ground.

Photo a day --January 11-15

Lots of birds on my feeder..we actually have two of these feeders and the number of birds feeding on them is crazy! Even the tree was full of birds waiting their turn.
The challenge for this week was to take a picture of a tree facing the sun! I love how this looks

Ds , sick and really feeling crapy. Needless to say he didn't want his picture taken but when you have a papparazzi mother, what choice do you have

Another pic facing the sun. I love how this looks although i'm sure it breaks all the 'photography' rules.

My house....I hate winter, but I do love the look of my house with snow all over it!

Photo a day --January 6-10

Reece having a wee nap, which is quite unusual for her!
Reece has new bangs, she wanted side bangs for a long time and finally got them today

Reece got a new digi cam for Christmas, so I thought it fitting that I took a picture of her taking a picture of me

Reece leaves us messages on our mirror after her showers all the time, so I thought I should document's always fun to see what she writes!

Sean...which after years of me snapping pictures if actually used to it!!
If you want to check out the challenge on KC, go to this link
and join in the fun!

Photo a day --January 1-5

A mourning dove in the tree outside my kitchen
Our woodpecker, enjoying his meal

Yes, it does say coffee but I don't drink coffee, it's actually Timmies' tea!

this is the road leading down the huge hill on my way home. As long as it's not covered in ice, it's ok!!

Reece helping to shovel the deck. She gets upset if Sean does it all himself, so she helps her dad whenever she can!

A photo a day....

So on Kindred Creations...Andrea has issued a 'photo a day' challenge....which at first I thought might be tough but so far, it's been fun! I think it sort of makes you look around and maybe not take as much for granted. I love to see the birds at my feeders, but never thought to take pics of them before, but now I have. I am going to be posting these pics to share with anyone here that is interested!

I hope you enjoy the pictures i've been taking and will continue to take

A day when you just want to scream...

unfortunately, it wouldn't fix a damn thing. Ds was sick with a cold, but I had him on the road to recovery. He went to his dad's Friday night and I knew he would end up likely sicker when he got home...there just doesn't seem to be any common sense in that house! Ds just got home, told me he was sent home from work on Saturday because he was so sick, so they take him back to his dads, where he has to sit in a house with 4 smokers (I know, I hate it too...but Ds is 16 and wants to see his dad so I can't stop him from going there) He now has a fever of 102 and is coughing pretty much non stop. I'm so pissed...I asked him what meds they gave him and all they were giving him was Buckley's which only lasts for 2-3 hours in your system. They didn't bother to give him anything for the fever or anything else for that matter. Now Ds has exams starting this week and really can't miss any school....I swear some people are just not meant to be parents!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sick kids ....aaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh

LOL Jesse has had a nasty chest cold for the last couple days. I've even kept him home from school and pumped him full of far so good. He' s on the should be at school tomorrow.

The doctors appointment went well, Sean doesn't need surgery on his back, so physiotherapy starts on Tuesday. We have an appointment back at the doctors on the 17th of I'm sure at that time he'll be told if he can return to work or not.

It's so cold was -31 celcius this morning, absolutely nuts. Tonight is supposed to get really cold too..then hopefully warm up by the weekend (as warm as it can actually get this time of year)

I must start scrappin again, i've gotten away from it all pretty much since Sean's's so nice to be able to watch TV while surfing the net, but unfortunately I never venture into my scrap room anymore either :(

Have a great night!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A New Year, A New Me!!!

So, Dh and I (and the kids of course) are eating healthier and drinking more water. We have decided to follow the Weight Watchers eating plan again and so far it's going great!! We are eating lots of chicken & vegies. We did enjoy some red wine last night but hey, you only live once so you have to have a few treats!!

So, as of this morning, I have lost 10 pounds and I already feel amazing. My jeans were getting way too tight and I refused to go and buy a bigger size. In total I want to lose 40 pounds. Dh wants to lose about 25 or so.

Once winter is over, we plan to take our bicycles to the reforestration area up the road and ride through the forest...I can't wait!!

Days when you realize how lucky you are!!

Wednesday January 8th was a very emotional day for Dh and I. We went to the hospital in the hopes of getting his MRI...but he had to have an ultrasound on his leg first because 10 years ago, he was shot (long story) but the MRI machine is a very powerful magnet and it can make any metal in your body move. They were afraid that the pieces in his leg could move and possible damage nerves or even cut into his femural artery which is really a bad thing.The ultrasound tech couldn't find it but it was showing up on basically the doctor said it was up to Dh as to whether he wanted to have it done and risk the possibility of it moving. The doctor said it likely wouldn't but the possibility was there. Basically if it tore the femural artery he could bleed to death very quickly...and the MRI Tech said that they would do whatever possible to get him upstairs to surgery as fast as they could which didn't really make us feel very secure. Unfortunately, Dh is in so much pain with his back...we just want to know what the heck is after a very emotional discussion, we decided to have the MRI. that had to be the longest 20 minutes of my life...waiting for that door to open and for Dh to walk back out.But all went well, although he does think the piece moved, he could feel it. The tech said if he felt anything funny in the next few days to get to our local hosptial....what an ordeal but thank goodness it's over. We now have to wait for the results, which hopefully we will get Monday at our family doctors.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year--A Better Year

Happy New Year to all!!!
And so begins another year. While there were a few good memories from last year, it wasn't a year I'd like to repeat. It started out in turmoil and has ended pretty much the same way. Both Sean and I have decided to make lots of changes this year and have started by resolving to eat healthier. Today's menu is roast chicken...both yummy and healthy! I also need to change employment, for a number of reasons but the two biggest ones are my sanity and my wages. Wish me luck!!
Have a great day, enjoy the new year and may all your hopes, dreams and aspirations come true!