Sunday, January 18, 2009

A day when you just want to scream...

unfortunately, it wouldn't fix a damn thing. Ds was sick with a cold, but I had him on the road to recovery. He went to his dad's Friday night and I knew he would end up likely sicker when he got home...there just doesn't seem to be any common sense in that house! Ds just got home, told me he was sent home from work on Saturday because he was so sick, so they take him back to his dads, where he has to sit in a house with 4 smokers (I know, I hate it too...but Ds is 16 and wants to see his dad so I can't stop him from going there) He now has a fever of 102 and is coughing pretty much non stop. I'm so pissed...I asked him what meds they gave him and all they were giving him was Buckley's which only lasts for 2-3 hours in your system. They didn't bother to give him anything for the fever or anything else for that matter. Now Ds has exams starting this week and really can't miss any school....I swear some people are just not meant to be parents!!!

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