Friday, March 13, 2009

ahhhh...The Mandarin

We went to the Mandarin for dinner tonight, and OMG was it ever good. Jesse is at his dads this weekend and Reece is at her friends for a sleepover so it was just Sean and's so nice to go on a 'date'

Ever wonder how the Chinese can deep fry food (for example..chicken balls) and there not be any oil what so ever? How the heck do they do that...the batter is so crunchy...but oil..

We might go out for breaky in the morning long as we get up in time.

Sean has been off work since October time flies. We are doing pretty good though...all things considered. He's really bored...but the puppy is helping to fill his days. There is a lady coming from Sunlife to asses him on Wednesday...because soon he'll be onto long term disability...phsio twice a week at $40 per visit. Yes Sunlife covers it, but we still have to pay it first then submit the this while they pay only 60%..but like I said, it's all good...60% is better then nothing at all and since we've never spent wasn't hard to not do it now.

Well, off to watch Law & Order..SVU...see ya later!

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