Saturday, March 28, 2009

Film processing obsolete????

OK, so today we were headed to I grabbed the film I had completed last week so I could get it processed at's so cheap...only $3.79 for a roll of 24 exposures. The lady proceeds to tell me, that within the next year they will be phasing out their film sales and the film processing response...How fair is that? You guys are forcing people to make a choice with the type of camera they want to use ...Now, I realize digital is the latest and greatest technology..and I do own a digi cam too, but I love my film SLR and don't want to be forced to get rid of it.

I wonder if this is just a Costco thing, or something that will eventually happen worldwide...should I be worried? Should I be looking at trading in my film for a digi SLR? I would absolutely love a new Nikon SLR..but they are so expensive...and not something I had planned on buying in the near future.

Maybe I need to buy up all the film I can find, then build myself a dark room...LOL

Costco is so cheap...and fast...I used to use another one hour photo place...the same place where I purchased my SLR...they charged abotu $14.00 for a roll of film to be processed...CRAZY priced I I quite going to them, and have been only going to Costco for years...

I guess time will tell!

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