Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There are some perks to having Sean at home!!!

Today, he made peanut butter cookies, tomato soup cake and he's talking about making pie's tomorrow as long as his back holds out and as long as we have water. He's pretty sure our well pump is at the moment we have no water. I've called my plumber friend and although he as busy , he's never called me back, so needless to say i'm not impressed. Even if he was too busy to help, he should have called so I could contact someone else.'s looking like i'm headed to my moms to shower in the morning for work...and I guess I'll be calling someone else. I really hope it's not going to cost too much...with Sean just going to long term disability and us not getting paid until the end of May....we don't need any added expenses right now...but I guess that's usually when things happen so we'll take this is stride just like everything else.

Reece had to get her picture taken for her soccer card tonight. It's her first year on the travelling team and she's so excited. I can't wait to take some pictures of her too...

There were snow fluries today...but yet tomorrow is supposed to be over 20 degrees...I sure hope it is...i've am so tired of cold weather.

OK, gotta run Law & Order SVU is on....

Have a great evening!

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