Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back again...

and yes I know I said i'd be more dilegent at updating my blog....i'm not really sure where the time has went. Today is Reece's 12th birthday. Hard to believe my little girl is growing up. We'll be having cake and ice cream later but her real party will be next Sunday. We are taking her and two friends to Canada's Wonderland!

May has been tough financially....Sean was switched to long term disability...which means that he's now paid on the last day of every month. I don't make a lot of money, so we've had to use a credit card to make sure things get paid along with my pay checks. Once May 31st comes and we receive the first monthly payment, the rest will come easily.

Sean is still off, there is no way he can drive a forklift and his employer is saying his job is 90% forklift. It's not, or at least it wasn't...but that's what they are saying. He's still in physio twice a week...but there doesn't seem to be any improvement we'll see.

We'll gotta run....Reece wants her birthday breakfast..bacon and eggs so I need to go start cooking.

Have a great day

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