Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anyone out there??

doI wonder if anyone bothers to stop by and read ....if you do let me know. I realize my posts are few and far between but hey...humour me :)

Dh and I have met new friends, which is cool. We have so much in common it's almost freaky!! We went for dinner and hot tubbing on saturday night and we chatted until 2am~!~

I haven't scrapbooked in quite a while. I'm losing more and more of my mojo daily. My stuff is all in the basement and I just don't feel like going down there to create. I'm sure it'll change , and I have a layout tag to look forward too each month (well this month anyway. I don't think I 'll sign up for next months)

For those of you that know My oldest daughter Krystal moved out January of 2008 and not under great circumstances. Long story short, she thought the grass was greener at her dads, mainly because her step mom was painting it greener then mine. I figured it would all work out in the end, and just this week...she has told me she made mistakes and wants to fix our relationship...Yayy!! gotta start somewhere. I even got a hug from her on Thursday.

Dh is still off work and we figure he will be for a while. The stupid thing is the insurance company that's paying him has a limit on the total number of dollars he can put through for physio...and it's been reduced ( cut backs due to the economy) so the funds have been used up. Now, while I realize it's important he keep going, the amount of money it's going to cost us is the equilvalent to a new truck payment....and with him on a disability pension...that's a lot to fork out so we aren't sure what's going to happen. Sean is going to call tomorrow and see what they say..I think if you are off on disability, they should cover your treatment until you are back to work..but I bet that won't happen!!!

So, as it stand right now...LIFE IS AWESOME!!! While things could always be better...they could be so much worse.

Stay tuned for the next episode....coming soon to a blog roll near you!!!

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Suzanne said...

Humoring you. ;) Glad to hear you've made some progress with DD. Your positive attitude with the disability stuff is amazing. Hope it all works out for you T!