Sunday, June 7, 2009


June 2nd was my birthday...41..can you believe it!!! I remember being a kid and thinking 40 was old...not anymore...cause I'm not old!!!! Sean gave me a GC for a very first one! I can't wait to go and get pretty feet. My mom also gave me money and told me to get something nice so I went for my very first manicure!! I've never been one to worry about myself, just everyone else..and that's going to change! With just one kid left at's time Sean and I worried more about ourselves. I'm going to make an appointment this week and have my hair's long, the perm is 85% gone so I need something to spruce it up. I'm thinking maybe some's got to be something easy because I'm not one to spend hours on a hairdo!

June 6th was our 11th anniversary. We went out for dinner at Moxie's in Barrie...and boy was it delicious! The steak just about melted in our mouths! Twice baked potato and broccoli. It was a great night!!

Back soon...about to watch Bride Wars!

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