Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In 12 days, i've lost 6.8 lbs...which is pretty good. Sean and I joined a local gym, and went for the frist time last night. We are going again tomorrow morning before around 5:30am...that should be interesting. We already eat healthy, but i've increased my water intake and by going to the gym, we 've incorporated excerise...something I never get now! 35lbs to go!!!

Haven't scrapped in ages, but I did just purchase some stamps from a couple of friends, so i'm patiently waiting for them to arrive...and I think i'm going to start making more cards. Maybe try selling them...who knows...

A little over a week and we're off camping again for another long weekend! It'll be fun, would be nice if we'd get a few days of warm weather though. Hard to believe July is just about over already.

Have a great evening..i'm off to bed I can get up early to excerise!

Night all!

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Teresa!!! Good stuff!!