Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's Up????????

Enjoying summer yet? The weather hasn't been that great but's not snowing, so it's all good in my world :)

Went for another pedicure Friday...but a different person this time and she was soooo much i'll be continuing with her. I can't believe I was over 40 when I went for my first one...what was I thinking!

Still haven't scrapped. I check my scrap sites daily...and see lots and lots of challenges but I just don't wonder down to my scrap space. It's in the basement and we just don't spend any time down there. Hopefully that'll change soon.

A girl I know opened her own online stamp store selling Magnolia stamps. If you are a stamper at all, you'll love these. Her prices are amazing compared to US sites...check it out here

We've went camping on July 1st and are heading off again on July 31st. We go with 5 other families and it's so much fun!! It's great to finally get some use out of our trailer too. We'd love to upgrade to a 5th wheel, but we need a truck it won't be happening any time soon. Although Sean did mention instead of upgrading our trailer, we'd just buy a cottage.

Sean and I have also talked about ....moving to a condo someday. It's not something we ever really considered but since he hurt himself, he just can't do the outdoor upkeep like he used to. He can't really ride the lawnmower Reece cuts most of the grass. It's just too hard on his back. Of course it wouldn't happen anyway for at least 6 years, when Reece is done high school, and it's just a discussion. We are still hoping for his injury to heal further...but we are discussing all options. Who knows....

Big Brother is on in an hour....if you don't should :) I'd love to be on this show as a hosue guest!!

Have a great night

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