Tuesday, October 13, 2009

we were off to Sunnybrook Health ....

Science Center today..for our consultation with the surgeon for Sean's back. We basically going to find out if surgery is an option in fixing his back or not....to be able to figure out his future. The surgeon said that while they could go in and perform a couple of different operations to maybe strengthen the damanged vertebrea...it wouldn't eliminate the pain his in, and maybe cause more...so at this point we aren't going to proceed with surgery. The surgeon doesn't recomment it either so we are looking at pain management for now. Sean has a pretty good pain tolerance..thank goodness!!! We have a friend that owns the http://www.ontariolaserhealth.com clinic so we are considering trying that!

Must get new tires...and about 4 bush cord of wood in here in the next week...it's so darn cold out already and with the odd snow flurry in the air...OY...heating with oil will be way too expensive at this point!

I've decided to get my mortgage brokers licence...so the studying has begun. I hope I pass...it's based on commission only ..but I can keep the job I have for now...which is a bonus...It'll take a couple of months to get through the course and schedule my exam...so wish me luck!!

Hell's Kitchen is on and it's the finale..so i'm off to enjoy the evening with Sean and Reece!

Enjoy every day as it comes :) :)


Suzanne said...

Sorry to hear there's no quick fix for Sean. I've been down with my back for 2 months and I really feel for him. I've looked at clinics that do the laser treatments. I'd be really interested to know if it helps Sean at all.

Just 'T' said...

I'll definitely let you know if/when we try laser..if it helps!