Friday, December 31, 2010

I have a NEW blog!!

Beginning tomorrow, I'm going to try and document my life in a year of photo's. I'm hoping to take a photo a day. I'm sure this will help my photography skills as well...and I'd love it if you would all follow me there as well. Here is the address
I'm hoping for an amazing 2011 and I'm hoping I can capture it in photo's!

Keep Smilin'

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day..2010

Hello all! Hope your Christmas has been one of the best ever!!
Today we are off to my mom's for the festivities. I found out yesterday I don't think I'll be seeing my oldest daughter Krystal, the doc things she has pneumonia...and with being pregnant that's not good. They couldn't do a chest x-ray, so he told her to go home and rest for a few days and don't go anywhere. She lives in Mississauga as well, so we'll have to make arrangements to go see her and her boyfriend when she's better. I still can't get sick, or I won't be able to get my Herceptin treatments. They are given to me in the chemo suite at the hospital, so if I'm sick, i could get the chemo patients sick and that's not good. I have to make sure I stay healthy so I can finish my treatments....only 7 more to go!!
I had my regular echo cardiogram last Thursday, and I'm pretty sure the 'pumping capabilities of my heart' have dropped..which could mean no treatment this week. This happened before, and the last time they waited a bit longer to give my heart a chance to repair itself. I guess I'll have to wait and see what the doc says this week. Nothing is ever simple! I hope my heart isn't permanently damaged. Could happen. With every drug there are so many side effects. I know the doc will say that they feel the benefit you get from the drug or treatment out weighs the side effects..but still. Did you know radiation treatment can cause leukemia in approximately 10 years? What a wonderful thing to have to have sitting in the back of your mind for the next 10 years!
We were at our friends on Christmas eve for a few drinks, and when we got home we found a plate of home made goodies and a card from some life long family friends. This couple has been in my life since birth...when I was 5 years old, my parents went to Hawaii and I stayed at their house. The goodies were yummy! Everything from date squares to butter tarts...hmmmmm
Inside the card was also some money. They really didn't have to do that. I know they mean well but it makes me feel awkward. I've never been one to take handouts.
Well that's it for today...I need to get the veggies and dip and the cheese tray ready for my Mom's...have a great day!
Keep Smilin'

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wow, that year went by fast! Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope Santa found you all.
This year is the first year Sean and I bought gifts for each other. It was fun to have things to open under the tree. Reece is very happy with her gifts, which we knew she would be :)
Reece made me two wooden signs for Christmas (with the help of her dad) I'll get pictures posted soon. One says Hope , and the 'o' is the breast cancer ribbon, the other one says MOM and the 'o' is a heart! I LOVE them...
We are off to my mom's tomorrow where I'll see my older two kids. I hope they like the gifts I got for them :) Mom always makes the best stuffing....can't wait!!
We also got a Wii game system for the entire family. Sean's grandma sends us Christmas money, and we use it every year to get something for the entire family. I can't wait to set it up and give it a try. Everyone that I know with one says it's a lot of fun!!
Well i'm off, Sean is making breakfast (cinnimon french toast!!)
Have a wonderful day :)
Keep Smilin'

Thursday, December 9, 2010

1 Year ago today....

It's been a year since I found the lump that changed my life forever. I've read so many stories of woman who say having breast cancer was a blessing...I have yet to feel like that. I don't consider it a blessing, but I'm not bitter either. It has definitely changed me, the way I think. Sweat the small stuff...not anymore. Although I didn't do alot of that before anyway, even less now. I'm grateful for every day I have with my family. I've had a lot of laughs in the past year, mostly with the things people say. Sometimes it just makes you shake your head. Here's an example...

We were at a wedding in September. We were seated at a table with another couple that I've know of for quite some time. Being from a small town you know people without really knowing people. Of course, they knew me because of my parents being well known. Something was said about me having breast cancer. The wife half of this couple looked right at my chest and asked if I'd had a mastectomy. NOW, why would this be something someone would think would be their business in knowing. I'll never figure it out!

Or last week, we went to the Christmas party for the mortgage company I work with. The lady that I work with was telling another woman how upbeat I am, I'm always smiling, always positive, this after having breast cancer. The woman she was telling immediately looked at my chest. I almost spit out my wine it was that obvious hahahahaha

I can remember the night I found the lump, I likely will never forget that night. It was like yesterday. It was by far the worst night of my life, I was the most scared I had ever been in my life, but I am so grateful that my amazing husband was there for me. He put his arms around me and held me. It's always made me feel safer being in his arms and this night was no different.

I knew we had one hell of a journey ahead of us, but together we'd KICK CANCER'S ASS!!!

I'm am not done this journey yet, and to be honest I'm not sure I could ever consider myself 'done' but I do know it has made me a better person then I was before.

2011 is going to be an amazing year for both Sean and I, and my kids..I can feel it!

Thank you to all my friends who have been there for me. You are the best. It was awesome to know I could count on you guys to put a smile on my face whenever I needed it!

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Exciting happenings at Scrap~tures!!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The New Me!!!!!!!!!!!

This picture was taken last Christmas. I knew then I had cancer but hadn't yet told my kids. Didn't want to 'ruin' the Christmas spirit!
This picture was taken last Wednesday morning, before I went to the hair dresser..and here I am after!!! My hairdresser is a good friend, I've known her for 24 years. It was her idea to put a few highlights in to make it 'my own' look. It's been a VERY long time since I've had short hair, and to be honest I'm not very fond of it...YET
I can tell you though, that because of the highlights, I now look like I intended to have this look rather then it being the 'look of cancer' I LOVE that about it. Sean and I went out yesterday and NO ONE STARED at me...I blended right in like everyone else!

I've been asked if I'll grow my hair long again..and to that I say "heck if I know"!! It'll take years I'm sure, and the one good thing with this is, I can play around. I would imagine that as it grows and as I play with different styles, suddenly there will be an 'aha' moment where I'll say
"THAT'S IT" that's the style I like...and who knows how long it'll be when that happens!

Have a super Sunday !!!

Keep Smilin'

Saturday, November 13, 2010

4 Month Survivor!!!!!!!!

I asked the surgeon what date is used when someone says they are a survivor , her answer...the date of surgery! That's the day the cancer was that's the date we'll use. So, as of July 13th, 2010...I am a survivor. I've been waiting for this day since this started!!!
The surgeon said she is very pleased at how everything has went. Sean says "well if you are pleased, then we are pleased" I have to go back in April for a mammogram on both sides. They now keep a close eye on the other one as typically it can show up there, and we do not want that to happen. It's also booked for April, because she wants it done 6 months after radiation has stopped. So, I said to Sean...I want to be at least 40lbs lighter when I go back to see her in April.
That is my goal...wish me luck!!!
Have a great weekend !!!
Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Off to Toronto...

it's check in time with the surgeon. There aren't any tests scheduled, so it's just a 'how are you' type of appointment. She wanted to see me a month after that's today! I'm sure she'll get some follow up tests booked in the next few here' s my question. When someone says they are a cancer survivor and puts a year on it, like a 5 year survivor...5 years form when?? Is it 5 years from the day you discovered it, from the day of surgery when it was removed, 5 years from your last treatment...when? anyone know? Enlighten me if you do....thanks :)
I participated in an online event at LOVEBUG last week and the week before, and won the grand prize..who freakin cool is that. I found out Sunday, so after being spoiled rotten on the weekend, I had more good news! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket this week...would be nice if our luck was all GOOD from now on!!!
I've started selling Epicure spices as well..can't hurt right? I doubt I'll get rich doing it, but figure if I make enough to at least buy my own stuff and maybe even feed my scrap addiction then it's all worth it! So I officially have 4 jobs now...nothing like jumping back into 'life' with both feet!!!
I still have the Herceptin treatments and doc appointment in that mix too, but hey, life is all about balance...I do however have to figure out when I can get on my treadmill each morning. I've always been a night person, so I stay up too late..I need to switch my routine and go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier and get on the's time to get healthy and not give Cancer a reason to return!!!
Have a great day peeps and remember...
Keep Smilin'

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sore cheeks and tummies...

OH MY....this weekend was soooo much fun. I went to a crop with a SUPERB bunch of ladies that I met online years ago. I haven't went to an overnight crop with these girls in over 5 years, and man....I forgot how much fun it really was. Sean and I met up with a few of them on Friday for lunch...and the laughs began..and didn't stop until we drove away today. My tummy and cheeks hurt from all the laughter!!!!
Along with myself, two other of my good friends hadn't been to one of theses crop in year either, and we all reunited this weekend. The goal is NOT to scrapbook but to have fun with friends and that's certainly what we did. If you do manage to do a few projects as well, then it's just a bonus!
I was also lucky enough to meet 3 ladies that I haven't met before. Shannon, Crista and Chelle all from St. Catherine's. They are 'new' to our group, but boy oh boy did they fit right in. Friday night we all went to dinner at Montana's and because they are *new* we told them they had to wear paper deer and moose hats...they did with a laugh...and wore them for most of dinner! We got back to the hotel and immediately started to scrap! Jenn handed me a pizza box FULL of scrap goodies as well as a handmade 'T' with a butterfly on it. Simply gorgeous!. Kellie came in and gave me a little bag full of glitter...because we all know, we girls like our glitter and bling!! Bobbie brought me blades for my Coluzzle (they've been discontinued) and along with those blades gave me ALL her Coluzzle templates. I felt like a kid at Christmas :) then Ellen handed me a box with a cute little bracelet in it, with the breast cancer symbol on it!!!
Saturday we get up, head to the scrap room and begin. It's amazing the camaraderie that we all have, considering we all met 'online'. It always feels like we've known each other for years.
I noticed a few of the ladies disappeared from the room and got a little suspicious. I asked Paulette where everyone went to received nothing more then a wink. Soon there after Paulette escorted me down to their room. Inside was Denise, Ellen, Jenn, Shannon and Paulette. They told me how they had got together to do something for me and knowing I don't like to be the center of attention, did this in private. They handed me a gift bag with an album inside, an envelope of goodies, and butterfly template and stickers and a package of homemade cards. There was also a hat with 'ONE TOUGH CHICK' on it in bright pink! I was dumbfounded, I still am. These ladies have been there for me, encouraging me since day one. I was already astounded at their generosity when Shannon stood up and handed me a Cricut. For those of you that don't know, a Cricut is a die cutting machine. I've wanted one for ever but just couldn't afford it. She had this one and didn't use it, and just GAVE it to me...that was it, I cried. I was doing so good, not shedding a tear figuring I'd gotten away with being ONE TOUGH CHICK but nope, that did it. Thankfully it brought them to tears it was all worth it! Paulette filled a jar full of jelly beans for a 'guess how many' contest and YEP, you guess it..I won..
We then did a Christmas Craft exchange (everything had to be homemade) with a few of the ladies that made things. I was given the gift made by Ellen....they were homemade sparkly Christmas tree ornaments. They are simply gorgeous! She also made a HUGE clothes pin with 'NOTES' on it, as well as a couple of chocolate treats.
All I can say is I'm so glad I went. Seeing Jenn & Wendy again, laughing hysterically with Denise and Paulette, as well as the others. It never seems to matter how long we go between visits, it always feels like yesterday. I'm not one for mushy things, but I am truly blessed to have these women in my life!
Keep Smilin'

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hello...Is it me your looking for???

Hello's been a while again.
I've started back to work, but now have two jobs so my time is once again limited. I went back to my old job which I think at this point is just a couple days a week. It's very tiring although i'm stubborn and won't let that slow me down, I can't. For those of you that don't know, I'm also a mortgage broker. Of course that's by commission only, so I need to 'get my name out there' so to speak, but I have to start somewhere. I started this career path before the cancer theory was that it was my turn to take care of my family, since Sean no longer can. It was of course delayed by a few months thanks to someones idea that we needed more on or plate but I'm back and planning on kicking some financial woes ass!!
Hopefully by the time Mom & Dad sell the business and retire, I'll be a successful mortgage broker!!
Things have started to look up though, we went to court to have Sean's owing child support lowered, since he hasn't worked in two years. Of course the ex said 'no' but lucky for us, it wasn't her decision..we were so's DONE..NO MORE EX!!!!!
Sean received his 'termination' letter from his employer. We knew they wouldn't take him back after the injury (we even said this while he was flat on his back in the hospital). This of course also means his benefits are ending soon. Sean's drugs alone on a monthly basis are around $350 - 400 so this is the new obstacle to get over.
Sunlife has yet to agree that he has a permanent disability( too bad they wouldn't come and visit, to see just how bad he is) so if we don't get that changed, as of April 2011 he will have zero income as the disability payments will cease. We haven't given up on that yet, but need to get his doctor to submit fingers crossed this will work out too. If not, we'll persevere once again and make it work, we always do :)
What a couple of years we have had...and to be honest, we know of no other couple that has endured what we have. We've not once had to take any sort of medication to be able to get through it, we didn't start smoking again( lord knows how many of us have heard smoking calms the nerves) nor have we turned into alcoholics. We get up every day and thank each other for being there for the other one.
I have a few really good friends that I want to thank for being there every step of the way. You know who you are. I have to say that I thank scrapbooking for bringing us together. You have had nothing but encouraging words , hugs and smiles through everything Sean and I have had to endure and I have no doubt you'll be there forever. I can't thank you all enough for the unconditional friendship you have all given me. We all came together with one thing in common and it's made us great friends, regardless of our different situations, either financially or emotionally and I could never be more grateful!
Enough of this sappy's Friday..LET'S PARTY!!!!
Keep Smilin'

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello All!!

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Here is a layout I did using one of their amazing sketches

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Burn baby burn!

Yep, the radiation burn is so uncomfortable. It hurts to wear a bra or camisole, but is uncomfortable to not wear one too :S I told mom I'd try coming back to work on Tuesday but if I don't feel better I'm not sure I'll be going back. Doctor said the side effects peak in the two weeks following last treatment so I guess this is what he meant. The burn gets worse :( Under my arm is swollen which makes it hard to sleep. I can't sleep on my right side, hurts too much. If I sleep on my back all night it starts to ache and on my left side I need a pillow under my arm to cushion against the burn. Never take for granted getting a good nights sleep....I don't remember the last time I did. I hate to complain though, and most of the time I don't. It is what it is, can't change it, just need to give it time.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We have have lots to be thankful for so remember those things today.
Today is also my parents 46th wedding anniversary. Cool eh!
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so remember to get your PINK ON!!
Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Step 3 complete......

Step one-->Chemotherapy-->COMPLETE
Step two-->Surgery--------->COMPLETE
Step three->Radiation------->COMPLETE
Step four-->Herceptin-------> Incomplete

yayyyyyyyyy OMG, I can't tell you how happy I am to have this step over and done with. Talk about tiring. Some days my eyes would just close on the way home from Barrie (good thing I wasn't driving)

All that's left is the Herceptin which if I have it figured right, and have no delays should be complete right around the end of April, first of May...these treatments are once every 3 weeks, so not nearly the running around like radiation.

Thanks to all of you that have stuck by my blog and offered words of encouragement. I anticipate a much more boring life from here on out. I do plan to keep my blog updated, it just might not be quite as interesting hahahahahahahahaha but I would love it for you all to stick around!!!

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wow, you look good...

short hair suits you....hmmm...ever wonder if people tell you that because they feel obligated to make you feel good. I look in the mirror and I see a cancer patient..not some stunning woman with really really short hair. I guess it's because I didn't have a choice..and really..who is going to say ' wow, you look terrible with short hair'. Now that I go just about everywhere without my wig, I get lots of comments...but for some reason they don't make me feel better. I said to my friend on the weekend, after she and her husband both told me I shouldn't worry about how I look , because I look fine...unless you've went through this, there is just no way you could possibly understand how I feel! If it was my choice to cut my hair really short..then fine..but I didn't have that luxury..and quite frankly...I'm SICK of looking like a cancer patient! Wearing the wig meant I could blend in with everyone else, without being stared at like I've got some disease..oh wait, I do!!!!
Sean tells me all the time I look great, bless his heart..but again, would he say any different? I am meeting up with some friends next month, and part of the reason why I don't want to go is because of how I look. They all say they don't care how I look, it's what's inside that matters but I care...aren't I supposed to care? I wish I could hibernate until this was all over, come out looking the same as when I went in. Now, I've never been one to 'stress' about my looks...but this is different, again because I think all these changes were not my choice. I'll get over it, I'm tough, nothing a little red wine won't fix ;)
Today is my second last radiation treatment. I thought all was going well until the nurse noticed yesterday that the skin has broken and peeled under my breast. Well lucky me...why would I think I'd be special and not have one more crappy thing to experience....oh yeah, cause I'm tough and can handle it. My entire breast looks looks like a sunburn, doesn't feel like one though. It's not warm to touch. Freaky actually! It does get itchy, but can't scratch as that can irritate the skin as well. I haven't wore a bra in 3 weeks to try and prevent irritation but instead wear a camisole but that didn't seem to make a difference. I have a recipe for a salt water solution that I now have to apply at least 4 times a day and let air dry. Ok, did anyone mention I have a 13 year old at home..pretty sure she doesn't need to see her mom walking around topless 'air drying' the girls hahahahahahahaha!
Only two left, then the doc says the side effects get worse two weeks after the final treatment, then they'll start to get better...well bring it on...there is nothing I can't handle!!!!! I already have battle scars to prove I'm not going down without a hit me with all you've got!!!!
I will be back <3
Keep Smilin'

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Almost least this step

Today was radiation treatment #17 of 21..just 4 more to go. These last 5 are what is called a 'boost' The first 16 were treating the whole breast, chest wall and everything in and around. The 'burn' is a square patch covering the entire breast. These last 5 are directed right at the spot the tumor was removed to give it an extra zap!!! I'm so flippin tired...I actually fell asleep coming back from the hospital today..just a couple hours after getting out of bed..that normally never happens. I wish I could say this was the end of this nightmare, but nope...I still have Herceptin treatments until next spring...providing my heart holds out. It has affected it before, and I'll find out tomorrow if it's been affected again. I'm hoping not, I'd like to keep the treatments going for extra peace of mind.
I will likely go back to my old job in a couple weeks, at least for a few hours here and there. Financially yes I need to , but honestly I'm not looking forward to being there. I never liked my job before and not being there in the last 8 months hasn't bothered me at all. I know I won't be able to do my normal hours, I'm just way too tired so we'll see what happens.
Reece will be home from school soon, so I need to get something going for dinner....have a great evening !!
Keep Smilin'

Monday, September 27, 2010

The pics I promised...

Here is a picture of my two girls...aren't they gorgeous! The other day, I went to use my camera and my battery was dead. I was trying to get the layouts done for my challenges at Scrap~tures. Well, I guess being tired and trying to get things done I snapped...Sean offered to go and get me a battery. He was just as tired as I was but went anyway. We live about 30 minutes from any store, so away he went. When he finally returned, he handed me the battery and this one red rose. What a sweetie. He bought me a card as well that was amazing. Inside he said 'I'm here for you for whatever you need, even batteries'...

Krystal gave me this beautiful necklace..I so adore it. I even had a lady tell me it was so pretty.

Isn't this adorable!!!! My friend Dayle sent this to me. Here's the funny thing. We literally live 5 minutes from each other, and she MAILED it to me!! We have both been busy and just couldn't seem to get together!

Only 7 more radiation treatments to go~~~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MIA again...

Man, I can't believe how many days just zip on by. I have had a week from terms of time on the computer.

My computer was running slow so I took it to the doctor (heck, it belongs to me, so therefore needs a doc too..go figure) I had a virus among other things so it's been in the 'shop' for 3 days.

The running to radiation every morning is taking it's toll on me and's so tiring. I offered to go myself so he could all the driving is really reaking havoc on his back, but he refused...which I knew he would but I wanted to offer anyway.

I have let down my friend Denise, in not fullfilling my committment to her with regards to Scrap~tures..but with any luck she'll forgive me!!

I also found out last weekend that I'm going to be a grandma...HOLY FREAKIN MOLY ( and I mean that in a good way) My daughter is 20 years old and has been with the baby's father for over a year. No, this wasn't' planned but sometimes the best things in life are surprises. She's has an amazing support system with Sean and I..and with any luck a few more will ride the train with us. My good friend Nicole even offered to babysit. Another acquaintance offered all kinds of baby charge! All I can think of is all the new scrapbook pages I can create...I didn't start scrapping until after my kids were way past the baby stage, so this is going to be soooooo much fun!!!!

I have some pictures to show you, but it's late, so I'll upload them later. A good friend of mine gave me a bracelet. It's so pretty..with tiny breast cancer symbols on it. Krystal (my daughter) also gave me a necklace that is truly priceless. I also have a great picture of my girls to upload.

I just finished round 12 of 21 radiation treatments. I do have a radiation burn which at this point looks like a sun burnt boobie. It's likely going to get worse , but I'm hoping I can keep it from breaking the skin..which makes it harder to heal. I have a cream I apply at least twice a day and have went a couple of days without a bra to ease in the discomfort. I would much rather wear a bra though. I don't complain though..I see the pain Sean is in everyday, so what's going on with me is pretty minor.

We stopped at Mom's today and picked up a cane to see if it would alleviate some of the pain Sean gets when he walks. It was my grandpa's cane...and so far seems to be helping. Sean said to mom that he never thought he'd see the day that he'd use a cane. Even my mom at 67 years old could run circles around Sean. It's hard to hold back the tears when I see and hear the pain he's in 24/7. There is no amount of money in this world that could fix him and that makes me so sad

That's all for now, it's late and I need to head to bed. I'm so exhausted....although I think it's more from pushing myself to do more then I should be rather then the treatments them self..but who really knows for sure

Keep Smilin'

Sunday, September 12, 2010

4 down, 17 to go...

My first week of radiation is behind me.....just 17 more treatments to go. When I first found this, I couldn't help but think 'why me' ....but haven't really thought that lately. Yesterday, I had that thought again....I made the decision a long time ago to kick cancer square in the ass..I mean seriously , what other choice do any of us have...but then all of a sudden...that feeling comes screaming back..'WHY ME'....
I don't believe in a higher power anymore (not really sure if I did in the fist place) If someone 'up there' is in charge of everything down here, then why are good people and children getting these terrible diseases while murderers and pedophiles live to be a ripe old age. Makes no sense to me.
No ,I'm not feeling sorry for myself...wouldn't waste the time on that nonsense...just more or less rambling away.
We are headed back to Milton today for the rest of Reece's soccer tournament. The team won both games yesterday and they played amazing! Reece scored a sweeeeeeeeet goal...of course after her dad told her he'd give her $80 for a goal..never thinking she'd get one so that was of course the big joke for the rest of the game. I think today he's going with duct tape across his mouth hahahahahahahahaha
Have a great day..enjoy your family, wake up with a smile, enjoy life!
Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1 down 20 to go...

First radiation treatment done..piece of cake....literally takes 45 seconds for shot for which I get 2! Today I am going to get my blood work done as well, save time tomorrow. Tomorrow I have my doctors appointment (which is pointless) and my Herceptin on Friday. The reason I say pointless is because my blood counts aren't affected with Herceptin so it's a waste of time. I can't remember if I mentioned this , but last month...I literally waited an hour to see the doctor (my appointment was at in to see the doc at 2:40) for a 10 second appointment. Paid $9 for parking and was really not impressed. I have to laugh, as they say to eliminate as much stress in your life as possible to help fight what's happening, but sometimes I think it's the docs that cause a lot of stress..hahahahahahaha. I did send an email off to patient services..and then received a phone call saying they are looking into their policies. We'll see if anything never know if you don't ask. Seems silly to lay off nurses, then do unnecessary procedures that waste money!

I love these!! I want to make myself a few t-shirts!

So, today is treatment #2..I tell ya, I think I should have been a topless waitress...I never thought I'd see the day that I'd be so comfortable taking off my shirt. I guess modesty goes out the window when something becomes so common. The radiation oncology nurses so far are great. The lady I had yesterday actually only lives 15 minutes from me!

If anyone EVER sees a set of pink boxing gloves, let me know, I would LOVE to have a set! I can't wait to be able to say I'm a survivor..although I guess I could say it now, I think it would be more appropriate when treatments are complete. Not sure if there is protocol when it comes to this or not.

I love this one especially...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School......yayyyyyyyyyy

and of course Reece was up and ready in lots of time, and soooooooo excited. It might have had something to do with us not allowing her to wear her new stuff until school started hahahahaha
Hard to believe my baby girl is starting grade 8! Seems the years just fly right on by lately~!
It's my first day of radiation too...I'll be glad when this is over. Although I still have the Herceptin to do, and echo cardiograms...I should be able to get back to some sort of routine, although I think part of me is going to miss being at home!

Have a great day!

Keep Smilin'

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day One..........

starts tomorrow..the first of 21 radiation treatments. What this means is every single weekday I have to drive 40 minutes to and from Barrie for a 15 minute treatment. I could arrange to stay in Barrie..but it would be by myself..and with no money, what the heck would I do for the rest of the day after treatment is done!!! I am still very tired although I did just mention to my friend Jenn, that I think it's because I don't rest enough. I know I should. They say radiation causes fatigue as well, but apparently it can come from the travelling to and from more so then the treatment itself!!
I also need to lose quite a bit of weight to be healthy. Being overweight can be a huge factor in recurrence. I did just return from my first walk. I didn't go far but far enough that my heart rate was pumping and I could feel it in my legs, so it's a start. I just need to do it every single day...and to push myself to go farther! I have been looking around for a treadmill..CHEAP of course with any luck I'll find one.
I found this awesome site
Look at this stuff, it's so adorable~ I am definitely going to be placing an order...just as soon as I can. H

So you might have noticed, I've changed my blog a bit...mainly got rid of the sunflower, although I love sunflowers, I absolutely love PINK even better..and thought it more fitting to have a pink blog!

Do you ever have those moments that just make you shake your head? I think I've said this before...but I think when you are faced with something serious like cancer it makes you look at others differently...and wonder what makes people do the things they do. When we had money and could buy the things we wanted/needed..we just did. I didn't throw it into peoples faces that we were able to buy stuff, we just did it. I especially didn't 'brag' to people that I knew for a fact weren't as well off as we were at the time. This has happened to us a few times lately...and I just can't for the life of me figure out what possesses people to act like this. I guess it makes them feel better to know they have more then the other person which is fine...just don't shove it down their throat!! Ok, that's my rant for today...hahahahaha ranting is supposed to be good for long as you can let it all go once you're done!!!

I'm off to scrap...I have a few challenges I'd like to get done for Scrap~tures

Keep Smilin'

Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Thank You's...

I received this bulky envelope in the mail this week, and this is what I pal Paulette has once again put a huge smile on my face. She sent me this key chain...I've already got keys on it...I absolutely love it..THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH I stopped at my work yesterday to get mom's car to take to the city for my appointment and this is what I found waiting for me!! My mom's best friend dropped this mum off for's so pretty...I just love the colour :)

I also received an envelope stuffed to the brim with school supplies from my new pal Michelle....she sent Reece some paper, duo tangs, markers, pens, pencils, pencil crayons, glue...I mean seriously, the envelope was stuffed..THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHELLE...this will help Reece get back to school soooooo much easier!

I went to Sunnybrook in Toronto yesterday for my set up appointment for radiation. I am know the recipient of 4 tiny blue tattoo's...aren't I lucky (insert eye rolling smilie here)
I should hear soon when radiation will start. They said within two weeks...but like the key chain says, I'm a touch BRING IT ON!!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Soggy Weekend...

Wow, it's rained almost all weekend. Reece lost her first game 1 - 0, then tied the next two games at 0-0 so we had to go back today to play in the semi finals. The field was terrible..HUGE puddles of water and poured the entire game. The girls were soaked to the bone as well as us parents! They lost the game 1 - 0 :( so we came home and didn't make the finals. Stopped at a friends last night for a little visit..didn't get to talk much though..they had lots of other company but had a few laughs which was good!

I am off to Sunnybrook Health Science Centre this Wednesday for my radiation CT Scan and tattoo's. The CT isn't a regular one, and must be done in the exact position I will be in when I get the radiation. This means my arm will be stretched out a bit...hopefully it won't hurt too bad. It's still numb, sore and very tender in spots...but this has to be done~!~ The tattoo's are 4 little spot that are apparently permanent (but will hopefully fade) that are used as guide marks for the radiation machine. Should be interesting to say the least~~

Hard to believe summer is almost over :( I could live in a warm climate all year round~~

Have a super Sunday...hopefully it's dry where you are :)

Keep Smilin'

Friday, August 20, 2010

The results are in...

and after spending all day Wednesday at the hospital in Barrie for Sean's tests...we were told he isn't a candidate for the procedure. It's very disappointing..we were really hoping this would be the answer to some pain relief. We didn't even care at this point if he would be able to go back to his job, just that he could get some pain relief and it didn't work. We have an appointment with our family doc at the end of the month to inquire as to any more options other then taking pain meds for the rest of his life :(

Reece is in a soccer tournament this weekend in Thornhill..which is over an hour away.I just saw the weather report and they are calling for rain all weekend, so that's not good. I am crossing my fingers that it won't rain where we are~ I think there is a scrapbook store in Thornhill though, which I'm hoping to convince Sean to take me too. Although I can't buy anything, it's neat to see what they have...I'll keep you posted!!!

I'm off, I have a layout I have to get done tonight......and need to make our lunch for tomorrow so have a great evening!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's Up Peeps???

Wow, I'm getting slack in my updating...maybe that means my life is returning to somewhat normal~~ Let's hope :)

The rest of this week is going to be busy though...

Tomorrow, we are off to the hospital in Barrie...more for Sean this time though. He is having a bone scan, a CT Scan then a consultation with a Radiologist to see if he's a candidate for Vertebroplasty.
Vertebroplasty is a medical spinal procedure where bone cement is injected through a small hole in the skin (percutaneously) into a fractured vertebra with the goal of relieving the pain of osteoporotic compression fractures.

We have to be at the hospital at 8:45...the consultation is at we shall see what he says.

I am also meeting with the radiation oncologist at some point tomorrow and having blood work..

Thursday I have a doctors appointment to find out if I can have my Herceptin treatment Friday. It'll all depend on the echo results from last week. Have I mentioned I am getting tired of hospitals hahahahahahahahaha..even my mom said we should sell our house and move next door!!!

So, the weekend will be here before ya know it...Reece has a soccer tournament in Thornhill...hoping to borrow my moms car but we'll see. I am pretty sure there is a Scrapbook store in Thornhill too...and while I don't have a lot of money...I did tell Sean that it doesn't cost anything to look hahahahahahaha...I'll let you know how that goes~~~

Have a great week!!

Keep Smilin'

Sunday, August 15, 2010

yayyyyyyy for me!!!

So, some of you already know, but I thought I should update my blog with what's been happening for those of you I haven't yet told...

I went to the surgeon on August 11th for my post op check up...and pathology results. My surgeon told me she got a clear margin around the tumor and all the lymph nodes she removed came back completely CLEAR of cancer!!!!!

I am meeting with the radiation oncologist this week to see when that's going to start, and how many treatments I'll have to have. Soooooooo STEP 2 complete..

Thanks to all of your positive vibes and well wishes...I truly believe that attitude plays such a huge role in motto..'WAKE UP EVERYDAY WITH A SMILE'

I also went to help out my mom for a few days, it was our year end at work, which just means a ton more she gave me some cash as a thank you ( to be added to all the other cash she's given us :S ) We turned right around and spent that money on Reece..for school. Yes, I did have a ton of bills I could have paid but decided to use the money on Reece instead..

Also, I received notice last week, that I was approved for CPP Disability. It's less then what I was getting on EI benefits, but a heck of a lot better then nothing at all!! SO...thinks are looking up!!!!!

Have a super great day..I'm hoping to do some scrappin'

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Scrumptious Scrappy Give Away!!!

Check out this amazing prize pack~~ Denise from Scrap~tures has put together and absolutely yummy package for the prize for this contest. All you have to do is head on over to the Scrap~tures Blog to find out how you can enter to win all these amazing scrap goodies

~~~Don't delay~~~

The deadline to enter the contest is August 31st~~

Thinks that just make you wonder....

Ever have those moments, that just make you shake your head? I think once you go through something important you tend to look at things a little differently...and not sweat the small stuff...although that doesn't stop you from wanting to smack someone upside the head for being completely unreasonable, or downright ridiculous.

It always amazes me when grown men and woman act more inmature then children. There are a couple situations in my life at the moment that make me realize exactly how grown up my 13 year old daughter really is.

When you see someone take advantage of someone is really disheartening..especially when the person being taken advantage is an absolute doll, but in the end the person that is taking advantage has to live with themselves..and if they have no conscience it'll be easy for them to do~~

It always makes me giggle when you see people post their woes in their Facebook status''s like crying out..PLEASE..feel sorry for me...unfortunately there is always another side to every story that most people don't get to hear. There are true friends, then there are acquaintance friends that while they like to think they are being a true friend, are in fact the complete opposite. This holds true with the rest of the persons life as well. Have you ever noticed as well , that these people that think they are 'the best' are the ones that cause friction with lots of different people in lots of different situations?

SOOOOOOO enough of that ...

I go back to the surgeon get the results of the pathology report. I'm not sure i'm worried, I mean the chemo worked so well, I have complete faith that the report will be awesome, but I think it's normal for a small part of me to be worried. I'm not sure if she (the surgeon) will let me know when radiation is going to start. I can tell you that I'll be really glad when this year is over~~

Today is reveal day at Scrap~tures...revealing the August scrapbook and card kits. These kits are simply amazing. There is so much product to easily create quite a number of projects. If you are a fan of kits, don't hesitate to stop by and check these out. They are economical as well.

Stay tuned for tomorrow...there will be a contest announcement that I'm sure you won't want to miss out on!!!!

Have a great day!!

Keep Smilin'

Friday, July 30, 2010

Yay, it's Friday...

and a long weekend for most of you (since every weekend is a long weekend for me at the moment) so first and foremost...BE SAFE!!!!

I have a Herceptin treatment today in Barrie. It was originally scheduled for two weeks ago, but that was the week of surgery so figured I'd be pushing it to get this treatment two days after it was postponed until last week, but when I went for my doctors appointment I found out the Herceptin did in fact affect my heart. The pumping capability of your heart is measured with an echo cardiogram..which is why I need to have those on a regular basis while on this treatment and afterward. I was sent for one before any Herceptin so they new where my heart started out ..which was at a pumping rate of 65. I went for an echo on July 2nd...which showed a rate of 55. Apparently if I'd started out at 55 that would be fine, but because I started at 65, 55 was quite a drop sooooo no treatment last week, but another echo was done instead. It did show the rate back up to 67 (the heart is amazing and does repair itself) so now treatment is today. I was supposed to have echo's every 3 months, but now I think they are going to be even more frequent..lucky me!

My arm is still really sore...because the nerves were cut, it's sort of feels like I have an extreme sunburn, so when clothing brushes against my upper arm it hurts. I'm not taking anything for it..I hate to take medication when I can put up with it. I need to start doing more exercises as well...I only have about 50% use of it still at this point. I was told though, it can take 8 weeks to regain full movement..but I think I've said it before, I'm impatient hahahahahahahaha

Hoping to have a barbecue this weekend with my older kids. My daughter lives in Mississauga so we're having trouble finding her a ride up. My vehicle isn't in great shape anymore so I really don't want to drive it down there. If something happens to it, I'm in big trouble, as it's our only vehicle to get me to my appointments. Hopefully something will work out.

This weekend is year end at work, so I told mom I'd come help them with inventory. Not sure how long my arm will hold out, but we can take turns counting and writing. We had a driver quit this week (they always think there are greener pastures somewhere else) which puts my dad in a bind once again. He's so good to his employees, but it never seems to matter. Of course we are still left with a driver, but he's pretty much useless and can't do the major runs that this one that quit can, so I'm sure my dad is majorly stressed (and at age 67 he shouldn't even be concerned with crap like this) so anything we can do to help get 'year end' out of the way easier is a help.

Anyhoot..I'm out of here.....have a super weekend......and like is said at the beginning BE SAFE

Keep Smilin'

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Sunday Morning!!

SOOOOOOO yesterday was a pretty good day...I didn't do anything special, but I did get to talk to both my older kids on the phone yesterday which was awesome!! We might even be able to get together next weekend for a barbeque!!

I was thinking the other day, about how when someone says they have cancer, most people think...chemo then radiation then with any luck , other then regular check ups that person is done treatment. I used to think this way too, so I sat down and made a list of everything that has happened to me since last December...this might just boggle your mind!!!

Remember--> I have never had stitches, broken a bone, been sick, and I literally only used to take MAYBE 4 Tylenol a year for the odd headache (that was usually wine induced hahahaha)

1 needle breast biopsy
1 wire localization
3 mammograms
1 breast ultrasound
2 MRI's
10 breast exams (although some of those docs were cute hahahahaha)
6 chemotherapy treatments
1 P.I.C.C. line
1 surgery
1 drain tube
12 staples
aprox 12 dissolving stitches
1 MUGA scan
1 Bone scan
10 blood tests
3 echo cardiograms( LOTS more to go)
1 electrocardiogram
2 chest xrays
4 Herceptin treatments (14 more to go)
and 1 lovely allergy to adhesives (all tapes and bandages)

This is by no means the end of these tests either...this almost boggled my mind when I wrote it out!

Freaky isn't it!

Ok, so I'm going to go start something creative...have a great day~!

Keep Smilin'

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My friends are AWESOME!!!

I love getting good mail, heck who doesn't..but I tell ya, I have some of the most amazing friends ever! Here are some pictures of what I've received. I told Sean the other day, I don't know where I'd be without all the thoughtfulness of my scrappy friends..
This is from very dear friend. She's so generous, and just an absolute sweetheart. She sent me the beautiful flowers last week, then this week she sent me this. I was SOO in need of the hermifix refills...I was coming close to being out...but not now :)I had asked Wendy(Wendance) if when she had some time if she could stamp me some Magnolia images. I absolutely adore Magnolia but at this time, can't afford to buy any stamps. She sent this...the images PLUS a stamp set! They are going to be awesome for making cards..she's so sweet~

My friend Shannon from Saskatchewan sent me this package this week. I absolutely adore it all~ The flowers are so cool, I can't wait to use them ...and the chipboard..well I'm hoping to use it for something that I can display in my craft room...once I get it figured out and made, you can be sure I'll be posting it here for all to see~
I have another awesome friend...Wendy (Jax). She sent me this package this week. The little stamps are adorable, the bling is super cool, the 'friendship' quotes are going to be perfect for just about anything I use them on...and those little pink clips...ohhh I can't wait to use them too..

and finally this awesome package is from Carla...I won a RAK for doing sketches at Lovebug scrapbooking and was shocked to see this in my mailbox. The paper pad is all Christmas themed as well as the two stamps...absolutely perfect for making this years Christmas cards!!
My plan this weekend is to scrap and start using all these amazing supplies that my friends have sent me. You guys are simply the best!!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wow, Time Flies...

Hard to believe it's been 7 days since surgery...and today I had 6 of the 12 staples removed..yayyyyyy. The tape that's being used to hold the gauze on is leaving my skin red and sore...seems I've developed a bit of an adhesive allergy..likely from chemo. Also chemo has cause medical menopause..which I can't say is bothering me one little bit ...hahahahahaha...I'm hoping it'll last...sometimes it does~~funny how there is always something good that comes from something you think is bad~
I got for my Herceptin treatment this week too (yay, another needle poke..or make that two hahahaha) so I think I'm going to make an appointment with the dietitian at the hospital. I need to eat better...and lose weight. I can't afford Weight Watchers right now, so I'm going to do this on my own. We eat fairly good now, but I know it could be improved and I'm pretty sure we don't eat the required number of servings that we should so hopefully she'll give us some advice. It's proven that losing weight helps to prevent the cancer from reoccurring which is exactly what I am aiming for!!
Nothing else really happening around here...might work on something scrappy this afternoon. Beautiful sunny day so I might just soak up a wee bit of vitamin D this afternoon, and yes I know a lot of sun isn't good for you either so it'll only be a small dose~
have a wonderful day
Keep Smilin'

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why does everything have to be so difficult...

Remember when I mentioned about those organizations that help out breast cancer patients? Well I applied to one and was hard to do. Sean and I have always been asking in the first place was tough..but the application in my opinion is ridiculous. They wanted all sorts of income information..ok that makes sense. Then a medical person (either the doctor or social worker has to sign that the info is true and correct) ok, that makes sense too...They wanted tax returns from last year and notice of assessments from the government. Ok sent I get a letter two weeks ago saying I needed to send ORIGINAL grocery receipts (which I didn't keep because I didn't know I needed to) and a parking log since the hospital didn't' give receipts for all the money we've spent parking. OK, so done...I had to send copies of bank statements to prove groceries but no biggie..done...SOOOOOOO

I get an email today saying they need my COMPLETE tax return. I thought I had sent it so when I asked her she said No, that I sent a summary...they need the entire thing. It's 32 freakin pages long, that I would have to print off..and I was working last this makes no sense to me what so ever...I didn't stop working until February of this year. It's like I said to Sean, if I made 100 thousand dollars last year, I wouldn't be asking for help...and they have the Notice of Assessment from the government..which is the FINAL tax summary.

So basically I said I wasn't printing off 32 pages and mailing it out...that they might as well mail me back all my ORIGINAL documents and I'll worry about all this crap myself.'s like they don't believe that we need help.

Makes me laugh..A Notice of Assessment can be accepted as proof of income to do a mortgage but they won't accept it to give me help with a couple bills...sheesh..

Still haven't heard from the government disability pension either, so I'm going onto month 2 with zero income..and it kills me almost every day that we can't do anything with Reece..not even something small. I have no idea how I'm going to get her the back to school stuff she needs, but I'm sure we'll figure something out!!
Man, it just ticks me off.....especially when their mission statement is

"To provide assistance to women/men in order to make their fight with breast cancer a little less challenge" ....well I'd say they make it VERY CHALLENGING to even be accepted.
Anyhow, I thought I'd share a couple photo's...I was on the 18th floor of Princess Margaret Hospital..and boy did I wish I had my camera ...Sean and Reece brought it down when they came to pick me up and took these shots...those were the view from my room. It was so pretty at night, with the entire city lit up. I honestly don't consider Toronto a 'pretty place' but when you see the sky line all it up at night, it's gorgeous...

I am pretty sure I get some of the staples out tomorrow. There is quite a bit of bruising under my arm, but I heal fast so that's good. They take out alternate staples apparently so with any luck on Wednesday the drain and the balance of the staples will be removed. That should make for an easy sleep at night at least.

That's all for today..have a good one~~

Keep Smilin'

Friday, July 16, 2010

Yay, it's Friday...

hard to believe it's been 3 days since surgery...I've had the dressings changed twice..the nurse came last night around 5pm and again this morning at 9:30am...I have dissolving stitches closing the incision on my breast but staples closing the one under my arm. Apparently they look good , according to the we'll see. My arm is mighty stiff though...and completely numb on the underside which is normal. The numbness can last forever in some cases...I'm hoping not in mine. I'm doing my exercises to keep everything working properly...last thing I need is 'frozen shoulder' which I guess is quite common as people are afraid to move their arms very much. We were told that frozen shoulder can sometimes take months to fix and recover from so it's not something I exercises it is~~~
These beautiful flowers arrived yesterday , they are from very dear friend. It's amazing how fresh beautiful smelling flowers can just make everything that much better. They are simply gorgeous. I love when a breeze comes through and all I can smell are the flowers....Thank you so much are truly a wonderful friend~

I also received a card from the lady that has been going through her treatments the same time I was. She's finally finished with hers as well and is in complete remission. Inside that card were two gift cards to Subway...I was stunned. She's had so much on her plate this last few months too. She thought it would be nice if Sean didn't have to worry about making a few meals for us, and to just let him worry about taking care of me instead of feeding us..wasn't that just awesome of her~

I can't shower until the drain comes out...which might sound bad, but hey..Sean volunteered to 'wash me' so how bad can not showering really be hahahahahahahaha...He's pretty good at being my nurse...and to be honest, the fringe benefits are pretty cool too!!! :) :) :) He's such a sweetheart....offering to get me anything I might need to be more comfortable.....I'm not sure where I'd be without him through all this~~

OK, so that's enough typing for's good to keep my arm moving, but it sure tires me out fast too...

Thanks again for all your well wishes, the power of positive vibes is an amazing thing!!

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Part 2 complete!!!

So, surgery is now complete...and boy I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that this part of the journey is over. Since never having had anything like this before it was certainly interesting, but I must say that everyone was absolutely amazing.

I was up at 4am yesterday, not because I had to be, but because I couldn't sleep..anxiety I suspect.....we were in Toronto at Princess Margaret at 6:50am...and from there we waited. I had to have what they call "wire localization" which is where the insert a wire on either side of what's left of the tumor using a mammography machine and a computer. So...I would say I was basically squished in the machine approximately 10 times..while these wires were being inserted. Lucky for me the girl doing it was in training (and yes there was sarcasm in my typing LOL )

Then it was off to surgery. My surgeon is a woman and a great one at that...but she also had a resident working with her and let me tell ya, he was easy to look at. Just my luck though, he was likely touching my boob and I'll never remember hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

It's quite a feeling to be staring at the ceiling one minute then waking up staring at a completely different ceiling the next...all I could think of's over! Went into surgery around 11:10 am...came out about 2 hours later.

I have a drain tube in my arm pit from where the lymph nodes were'll stay in aprox 5 days..depending on how quickly the fluid drains. I have no idea how large the cut is on my breast ...but home care is coming tomorrow to change the dressings so I guess I'll see how good/bad it is then.

When I was wheeled into my room yesterday after surgery , a nurse asked me if I knew these names and rhymed off my friends names. I said 'yes' and she said 'darn, if you had of said no I was going to keep these...

aren't they just gorgeous! They smell so amazing too. I got so many compliments from everyone that came into my room. They are from my good friend Dayle and her family. It sure made my day I tell ya.

I have an update on August 11th with the surgeon to find out the pathology report on my tumor and lymph positive vibes for a positive report please!!!

Well, I'm going to lay down, it's been a long tiring couple of days...but wanted to update you all. Thanks for sticking with me on my all hold a special place in my heart.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's True What They Say....

that it takes something really serious for a person to find out who their real friends are. Since being diagnosed I've been amazed at the support I've received from some of my friends. People who I would not have thought even cared that's so heart warming!
Just the other day I was at work, when one of our customers who I've known for quite some time popped in with a small gift for me. When she saw me (she didn't think I'd be there) she came running with a huge hug and even had tears in her eyes. It really makes me feel amazing knowing that so many people care so much!
On the other hand, It also amazes me that people I thought would be there for me ....aren't. It sort of just makes you shake your head. Oh well...I guess that's just the way it is, but it sure makes me grateful for the friends that I have that care so much~and for that I wanted to say
THANK YOU for being there for me...with all your words of means the world to me..and I'll say it scrappy friends are simply the best...
Keep Smilin'

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Doing a happy dance here!!!

Yesterday I had to meet with the surgeon to consult before surgery. I also had to have a mammogram before the consult...OUCH is all I can say...sheesh...I am amazed that with all the technology they can't come up with a more accurate machine that doesn't squish a body part like that..I think it must have been a man who invented it..I wonder if we women made a machine that squished a male body part like that...would someone then come up with a new machine hahahahahahahahaha Ok, enough of that

On June 14th I went for my MRI to check the results of the chemotherapy. The surgeon told me yesterday that I've responded very well. When I started this journey and found the lump it was aprox 5.4 cm which is considered quite large. Now, the tumor is LESS THEN 1 CM..
I'm still amazed..and so was the surgeon. I actually now have to have a procedure done before surgery where a radiologist using an ultra sound machine puts in wires on either side of the tumor so when the surgeon goes into to remove it, she knows exactly where it is..because it's SO FREAKIN SMALL...

My surgery has been booked for July 13th...and yes I'm still scared... I'll be in overnight which will be a new thing for me as well. This is being done at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. I've still never heard from the Barrie surgeon. She requested a copy of the MRI two weeks ago, but whether or not she received it, I have no idea so I figured I might as well just book it and get it over with.

My only advice to anyone who is or ends up facing something that you aren't sure you can handle...STAY POSITIVE!!!!!

Keep Smilin'

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lovebug Blog Hop - JUNE

Welcome to Lovebug Scrapbooking's "INSPIRE US!" blog hop!! Our blog hops take place on the last Saturday of every month. Thanks so much for joining us!If you just happened by this blog and didn't realize a blog hop was taking place, please go back to Lovebug Scrapbooking and start the Hop. You won't want to miss all the inspiration from our members....... or the prizes :-)
Our theme for June is "Here Comes the Bride".
I've been married for 12 years so these two layouts are ones I had done a while ago but wanted to share. We had a western wedding, so these were done very simply.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

This blog hop will run from today, June 26th until June 29th.
We will be drawing for winners on June 30th on the Lovebug Blog.
Be sure to check and see if you're a WINNER!Follow along in our blog hop!
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weird Wednesday

go figure, I felt my first earth quake today...I did however tell Sean he made the earth move for me today :) hahahahahahaha. Apparently it was felt from Northern Pennsylvania to North Bay~!!

Tomorrow I'm off to the hospital for blood work and a doctors appointment. They've changed the way they do things at the hospital. It used to be blood work one day, then see the doctor the next. After you saw the doctor they would then order the meds (chemo or whatever you are on) from the pharmacy which could take up to an hour to get. Now by seeing the doctor the day before treatments, they are hoping to speed up the wait times. According to the chemo suite nurses, the goal is to have you into the chair at your appointment time. We'll see...for me it means screwing up two days instead of one. My appointment tomorrow is at 12 :30 so that means leaving home at 11:30 and likely won't be back home until 2 at the very earliest. It also means paying for parking ($7.00) twice instead of once. When all I had to have is blood work, we'd park out front as it literally took 5 minutes to walk in and go to the lab.
My appointment on Friday is at 12:15 for my Herceptin. The Herceptin takes 30 minutes so while it'll be nice if their new plan works, I won't spend all day at the hospital but it will ruin the better part of both days. Oh well..nothing I can do...just continue on and get this over with.

I called the Barrie surgeon today and while they requested the MRI disk last Tuesday from Mt Sinai in Toronto, they still haven't received it yet. I do have an appointment in Toronto next Wednesday to see the Toronto surgeon and find out the results. My plan is to get the opinions of both surgeons then decide my next move...but if the Barrie surgeon doesn't soon get the disk and get it read by the radiologist...I won't have a choice...I'm not waiting forever!!

That's it for to scrap..or at least start something

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wow, it's been a week...

Time just flew by last week...well, every week. I'm working on paperwork today...I need to apply to a couple of organizations that help breast cancer patients.....I really hate to have to do this..and I know that's why these places are there...but man...getting cancer was bad enough, but when you continually get a kick in the just makes it worse :(

I haven't heard yet about surgery...I'm going to call later to the surgeon in Barrie and see if she's received the MRI disk yet. She requested it last Tuesday, then has to get her radiologist to read it. All I know is Surgery in July...6 weeks to heal aprox. then radiation for 5 when I get asked if we've got plans this can imagine my answer. I see our trailer sitting in our driveway and that's likely exactly where it'll sit. I hear about friends going camping or going places...and feel bad that we can't...for Reece's sake. Seems so unfair that her life has to be affected by so much because this happened to me. Someday I'll make it up to her (although she's not asking for anything)

It's a rainy day..dreary and I think Sean and I are going to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie this afternoon. I don't seem to have any mojo today either :(

Have a great day~~

Keep Smilin'