Tuesday, January 26, 2010

8 more sleeps...

Until my appointment...I'm not really nervous..at least not yet. I guess I'm optimistic..I've always been a *glass half full* kind of girl. I think we might drive down part way then take the subway the rest of the way. It's only $3.00 per person (one way of course) vs..gas and likely at least $20 for parking. The subway drops us off about a block from the hospital.

I've actually been scrapping...did two layouts over the last couple days...I really should get them posted. Using up stuff I've had forever ...feels pretty good.

OK, I'm off...but I'll be back soon to post the layouts. Reece is at a friends and going to the movies tonight..normally we don't allow *school night* sleepovers but since Tuesdays are half price night at the movies, we decided to let her. It's going to be tough for her over the next few months too...

OH, and for her speech this year she chose Cancer as her topic. It's been good for her, she's researched and found out lots of info!

Have a great evening!

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