Saturday, January 23, 2010

I think I have the best husband....

which I'm sure you all think you do too....and that's awesome!!!

Just the other day, Sean told me that if I have to have chemo and if I start to lose my hair, he'll shave his head. When I asked him why he'd do that...he said " because you are not going to go through this alone" How ironic that not that many years ago, Sean had hair half way down his back....and now he's willing to get rid of it all...for me!!!

Just 11 more days until my appointment at Princess Margaret..someone asked me today if I was excited..hmmm...excited is not the word..Hopeful is the word I'd use. I am still thinking that I'm going to wake up from this nightmare...I mean...I feel's so surreal. I have a hard time even saving those words....I HAVE C_____.....I've always thought that if you have it, you are sick..and I feel the same way I did 6 months ago...2 months ago...I feel great! I'm sure that is going to change...but seriously...this isn't really must be a nightmare that I seem to be living.

Ok, so even though I wish it was a's not...and believe me , not stupid disease is going to be the best of me.....I've always been tough..never letting anyone or anything get the best of me...(you should meet my'd understand completely LMAO )

Live every day like it's your last...wake up and be the happiest you can be...see the good in everything and everyone!!!

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Suzanne said...

Now that's the T I've come to respect and admire!