Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In Control!!!

I have my appointment with a breast surgeon at Princess Margaret...Dr. Alexandra Easson. It's for February 3rd...she has seen my reports so I have to think waiting 3 weeks isn't a problem. I do have to work on getting my films from my mammogram/ultrasound etc...but that won't be a problem.

When I asked my family doc for a referall to PMH he asked me why? I told him this was pretty major in my life and I wanted a second opinion. His answer.."it's pretty straight forward..well, maybe not for you". The compassion is overwhelming...NOT..i've also been told by two different people , one being a nurse at the hospital that I was first at not to let the original surgeon i'm really glad I decided to seek a second opinion. Besides, at PMH this is their specialty!!!

Now, with my mind at ease, at least for the time being, i'm hoping I can maybe get some scrappin done...there is a challenge at Scraptures that I really want to get completed!!

have a great day!

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Suzanne said...

I'm glad you're feeling in control T. Taking your time and feeling that you'll get the best care will mean everything. Not only for your physical well being but your emotional well being as well! (((HUGS)))