Friday, January 15, 2010

Yeah.......finally some good news!!!

A few posts back, I had mentioned that I was studying to get my mortgage brokers licence. exam was booked for the 9th of January, last Saturday. I haven't been able to concentrate on the exam at all...since finding the lump. When we drove to the city for the exam, i couldn't remember half of what I'd studied, or any of the math involved. I was so nervous (never been very good at exams LOL ) but figured I'd give it my best shot. I figured if I failed, I had just cause to fail...

I got home from work tonight, checked my email and there it was..........a CONGRATULATORY LETTER stating I had passed my exam........WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO I'm so excited.

I made this decision because it's looking like Sean won't be going back to work anytime soon. I mean, a crushed vertebrae isn't last summer I told him it was time for me to take care of him financially....after all, he's done it for me all these years.

It might take a bit to get it that I've been diagnosed with cancer....but's great to having something finally go our way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a super wonderful weekend!!

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Suzanne said...

Congratulations T!