Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so...I guess tomorrow is the day....

so....this is it...tomorrow I head to Toronto to get the answers...what the doc says goes. I had someone ask if I was excited...I mean really...excited? Not at all..but anxious..yes. It's been tough waiting..although I stand by my decision to get the second opinion. I feel as though whatever the experts say is what goes. Sean and I have decided that regardless of the outcome...we won't be revealing what type of surgery i'll be having. That is the only question some people are asking...and as far as we're concerned..if you care about me, us...my family..that is not important..what's important is me having this problem *removed* and getting the treatment I need to live a really long life. Am I scared...Hell ya..doesn't mean I'm not gonna take this by the horns and show it whose boss! Wish me luck!!!


Suzanne said...

Good luck and God bless you T! I'll be thinking about you.

Kat said...

I love your attitude my girl.
I completely agree with you that what you have done is nobody's business but you and your family.
You do what you need to do, don't second guess yourself, but most importantly remember that you aren't alone.
So many of us love you and are thinking about and sending out prayers and positive vibes to you.
Hang in there hon, you will beat this, I just know it.
Love ya.