Saturday, February 27, 2010

Still feeling awesome!!

Just thought i'd check in...still feeling great! Dh and I went out for a bit today, did some running around...I do seem to be getting tired quicker...which is just means that my red blood cell count is low..but this is the week it's supposed that should mean the chemo working. No hair loss yet..which is something I'm not looking forward least no my hair on my head...but I can't stop it. They way they explain it at the hospital is this ...chemo kills all fast growing cells...which is what a tumor well as the cells that make your hair if you lose your hair it means the chemo is doing what it should. I won't miss shaving my legs all summer ...let me tell ya...that'll be a real big bonus!

It's funny what some people ask..I mean...I wonder if they think about what they want to know or if they just don't know what to say so they say something stupid.

One question was--> Am I gaining or losing weight...cause some chemo's make you lose weight and some make you gain weight...seriously? Yes, i'm doing fine thank you LOL

Another question--> Are you worried about losing your hair? NO...I think I'll look amazing as a cue ball...I mean really...I can't think of too many women that would relish the idea of being bald..I think this is one thing that men would be much better at dealing with.

I spoke with a woman at the hospital the day of my chemo...she was there for her last treatment..and she said " when you wake up and find hair on your'll have a moment...probably cry..maybe even uncontrollably...but then it'll pass and you'll realize it's just the way it is..and carry on" I had to thank her for if anything...letting me know we all react probably pretty much the same. It's like she said..showering is so shaving, no hair to wash...just think of the water you'll save LOL...I loved her attitude..which is exactly how mine is. I know it's going to i'm not sure how i'll react...who knows..maybe i'll look better then ever~~~~

~~Dance like no one is watching~~sing like no one is listening~~and love like you've never been hurt~~Life is short~~don't sweat the small stuff--words to live by :)


Suzanne said...

Not only are you feeling awesome, you just are awesome T. You actually made me laugh with the cue ball response. I think you should use it for real. Some women choose to shave their heads before the dreaded pillow day. Either way it's going to be rough. Good luck and (((HUGS)))

Just 'T' said...

Thank you so much Suzanne...your words means alot!

pajl said...

always the strong one T...You are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Putting aside the being bald thing, which to be honest would not be a welcomed side effect either, I guess the benefit is when your hair does grow back it will be the healthiest it's ever been! It's like having a clean slate for maintaining beautiful hair! :)