Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades...

hahahahahaha...I love when the sun is shining~

SO today was blood work ...they have to check my red and white counts to make sure I can get the chemo tomorrow...Pretty sure I'm ok...since I get a $3000 needle to boost my white blood cells (and no I don't have to pay for it..thank goodness...Sean still has benefits through his employer and they cover the cost) It's amazing to me that someone invented a needle that when given into the fat (which we have no problem finding on me hahahahahahaha) it works it's way into the bone marrow and stimulates it to produce more white blood cells...I'm in awe of anyone who can produce amazing stuff like this!

Reece has a hair appointment this afternoon so I'll be off to town shortly to pick her up. I want to stop at the dollar store and pick up an easel frame for a project that was posted at Scrap~tures...I think it would make an awesome gift for school teachers...hopefully they'll have them.

I won't be around tomorrow until later chemo is booked for by the time we leave here, just after Reece gets on the'll put us in Barrie aprox 8:30 or so (stopping for a tea at Timmies of coures :) )

Enjoy the beautiful weather...Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love this picture

SO, I like the other picture, but I love this one :) Last night Sean said..hey, you should try and pull your hair back a bit...instead of wearing the hat ALL the time. I was wearing the hat because I don't really like how the top of the wig looks...sort of looks fake LOL. Well, I pulled the sides back and clipped them ...and it looks freakin awesome~~ I even leave the clip in the wig when I hang it up hahahahahahaha...there is something to be said for being able to just 'put your hair on' rather then having to style it every day~~

The 'PINK' Rak

How cool is this?? My friend Suzanne sent me this Rak....I have never seen any of this stuff before...I'm so excited to use it~ I had to take a picture of the 'Nutrition Facts' on the back of this package..absolutely adorable~~~
Suzanne...YOU ROCK..thank you so much for making my day~~~

Monday, March 29, 2010

What makes people say the things they do...

So, yesterday Sean and I had to run to town to pick Reece up from her sleepover...and of course I brought my camera in case I saw something worth taking a picture of. When I turned it on to check out that picture Sean took of me, I saw my battery was pretty much I asked him to stop at the hardware store (it's the only place in town to get the battery I need, which's was so expensive) and I saw a good friend of ours. I hadn't seen her since I quit working, because I really don't go very many places. Jody works at the hardware store and luckily they were slow, so when I was at the till, she asked where I'd she hadn't seen me in a while. SO, I told her what's been going on with me..she couldn't believe it...because of course she knows Sean isn't working either...but of course in my upbeat way I said "oh well, could always be worse" which it then she says "I knew something was up...your face is puffy" I said..."what? " she said" your face is puffy, chemo can do that, so I knew something was up"...OY...Sean's grandfather said I was thin in the face...and I've lost weight not gained it. SO I sort of chuckled and then left.

OK, so do people seriously not think before they open their mouths? Even if it were true (which I'm sticking with IT'S NOT LOL) why would someone feel the need to say that to someone who is going through all that I'm going through. Gee, you've got cancer, you are going through chemo and you've lost all your hair...and YOUR FACE IS I'll just chalk all this up to ' some people are just dumb'

I have met a lot of people in my life...some who have been sick, some who have gained weight over the years, some who have lost their jobs...I couldn't imagine being so insensitive that you say something to kick them when they are already down...but hey...I guess that's what makes me AWESOME~~~hahahahahahahahaha

SOOOOOO It's Monday...not that that day means anything...since every day is a weekday for me...but it's CHEMO week...I go Thursday for round, half way time flying or is it me? I'm not however looking forward to surgery...I've never had any surgery before...or had anything wrong with I must tough as I am...I'm a little bit scared to be put under...and wake up likely in pain....I know it's something I have to go through...but I don't want to (stomping my feet) ok...tantrum over~~

Have a super wonderful day...

Keep Smilin'

Sunday, March 28, 2010

So, what do ya think???

SO, I know I should smile more LOL but when we went outside it was starting to rain, so I tossed the camera at Sean and said...take a pic...had to be quick~I look pretty good as a brunette if I do say so myself. It's pretty much my natural colour...mine just had highlights the change was a bit to get used to... Every Moment the book i'm reading by John St. Augustine
Here's something to think about...
"A matter of great moment..Great moments matter...and so do not so great moments and small moments, and quiet moments, and life-changing moments, and shitty moments, and of course Kodak moments" John St. Augustine
Keep Smilin'

Playing around...

I've decided my blog is i'll be 'pretty'ing' it up in the next little while. I'm on dial up...let me re-phrase that ...DINOSAUR dial this might take a while.

Patience grasshopper...and it'll all be done soon :)

I shall return :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy frozen melon batman~~~

It's freakin cold outside...what the heck happened to our warm weather? It's nice and sunny, but there isn't a whole lot of heat with that sun~ I'm sure glad I'm going into summer with this baby butt bald head of mine...going into winter would be just...wayyyyyy too cold :)

Sean and I just got back from getting our mail (because of course the post office decided stopping at our mail boxes that have been in the same spot for over 30 years was now unsafe so they put in a community mail box ...4 km's or so away from where I live ) and in it I had a parcel from a super awesome friend of mine..Paulette. She sent me two 'Every Moment Counts' by John St. Augustine and the other 'The Little Pink Ribbon Book' ...which are little stories of inspiration, support and hope. I've already read the little one and let me tell ya...there are lots of wise little stories in there. Here's one "The doctors will take care of your body, your family will take care of your errands, only you can feed your soul" --Bridget Mooney

Thank you so much Paulette...I am really looking forward to reading the other one too...

Denise (another super awesome friend) has sent me a few books as well and she's also sending me scrapbook kits( from her and Paulette) to keep me busy. Let me tell one piece of advise for anyone going through something like this...STAY BUSY...It helps so much~and keeps your mind from dwelling on what's happening to you...instead to live your life for the most part the way you did before. Many have said to continue working if you can...I chose not too...and sure as heck not because we can afford to have me NOT work...but because I don't work with very compassionate people...and the stress of dealing with them everyday would be worse then staying home.

Live every day to the fullest...don't feel sorry for yourself, be happy...

Keep Smilin'

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where the heck did the sunshine go....

No sunshine, supposed to rain this afternoon then turn cold...down to -9 tonight...ahhhh unpredictable!

I'm waiting for my nurse to arrive and change my P.I.C.C dressings and flush the line...she normally calls the night before with a time..but Reece was online...and since we live in the boonies (beautiful boonies mind you, but still the boonies) it means we still have dial up so the line was busy. She has our cell #'s but didn't use here I sit..not like I have a whole lot of places to be today anyway LOL

I do believe I'll be scrappin some more....maybe I can finally get all my older pics scrapped this year. I don't really want to be 'all caught up' ...I think I'd be sad if I had no pictures to scrap...I sort of enjoy flipping through all of the pics to see what catches my brings back all those memories when looking at the old pics!

Sean was able to work more on the entrance way, and is trimming the window beside the back door as I type this. It looks so amazing...we need a new closet door , new flooring, and the railing and post and it's completely done! None of those things will cost very much either, which is a bonus..but it'll be a bit before we can buy it steps right?

So, I do think that since being whole outlook on things has changed...I honestly seem to laugh is this possible? Well...I think I's done..I have that nasty 'C'..the one thing that most people dread why dwell...they say laughter is the best medicine ..right?

Last night, we are heading up to bed...I always get in the room first while Sean stokes up the wood stove and takes the dog out one last time. I hear him coming up the stairs, and I'm standing in our room in nothing but my T-shirt and baby butt bald he rounds the corner into our room...I raised my voice and said "STOP, don't come in"...he stops, looks at me and say "why" to which I replied " I'm too sexy for my body" and I start dancing around....omg, it was priceless...I was laughing hysterically...Sean's response " you are a goof...but I love ya" hahahahahahahahahahaha

Keep Smilin'

(Rebecca..if you are reading this, I sent you an email)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I gotta wear shades....

cause it's so darn sunny out! I am really loving this spring. There hasn't been a lot of mud either which is great~~

Sean thought he'd be able to finish up the entrance way and the wall today (well, except for what we need to buy) but his back is really bad. He's back in bed...I wish there was something we could do to fix it :( so today he'll likely rest a lot ...I keep telling him no big hurry...but he hates leaving things half done...

I think I'll likely scrap some more. I am almost done our camping trip in'll be nice to have one year completed~

Not much going on..nice quiet day...which is good~

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting There~~~

How amazing does this look~~~If you haven't seen the before pics, you'll have to scroll down through the posts to see them..We have to buy two pieces of new wood for the 'railing' topper and post..but I'm pretty sure we have enough on our gift card to get them without it costing us....BONUS
and does this every make a difference. Our wood stove is in the basement...and now the heat is getting up into this hallway and to our bedroom where before it didn't! Sean is wishing he had of done this 4 years ago when we bought the house.

Keep Smilin'

Monday, March 22, 2010

A great way to start a Monday...

I found out this morning that I won a Magnolia stamp from Darcie It's the first Magnolia I'll have ...can't wait to use it~~~ Thanks a bunch Darcie

So, I decided a long time ago to try to find the positive in every matter what's happening it could always be worse..and believe me even with having that stupid 'C' in my life right now, it could still always be worse. One trip to a hospital can pretty much give anyone that revelation~

So, another positive with this 'C' thing is that chemotherapy can stop monthly periods (or make them heavier )...well thankfully...MINE STOPPED...VERY COOL...they are such a pain in the this is one side effect I love. Treatments can also cause menopause...permanently..not sure if that's what is I've had no other menopausal symptoms..but in my opinion..that's really not a bad thing...hahahahaha

Find the positive in every's there and maybe it won't smack you in the forehead when you wake up every morning but it's there...

Keep Smilin'

Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is a cute project....

perfect for teachers, child care providers..just about anyone~

Check out the scrap hour tutorial at Scrap~tures...I am waiting for my stickles to dry...and I haven't decided what i'm going to use mine for yet...but check out the link anyway...I bet there is someone on your list you could make this for~~

Have a great Saturday night :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

a couple more pics of the wall reno....

The doorway off to the right is our bedroom. That hallway and wall blocked it now it should get heat better from the's not yet complete..but you can see what a difference it already makes. The other bedrooms are down that hallway.. Here is part of the wall that he removed..he's planning on using the wall logs to build me an island in my kitchen--REUSE * RECYCLE ...YAY

Wall Reno's

So here is my wonderful husband with his chain saw LOLHere is the wall before...goes right to the ceiling...
Here it is after...the interior lining still has to go on..which will be done once it's done I'll repost new pics..looks awesome though~


although with not working, everyday is like Friday :)

SO yesterday in the mail I got my drivers licence renewal...and last week I got my renewal for my health card...and they both require PICTURES by June birthday...hahahahahahaha...I have no hair~ This should be good. I guess I'll wear the wig..but these cards are for 5 years...this is too funny...maybe I should get the picture taken with NO WIG..wouldn't that be hilarious.

Sean is working on demolishing our home...well not really but he's removed most of a wall leaving only about 3 feet as a railing by our stairs. It was sort of an awkward wall anyway...and he's been hinting for months that he wanted to remove yesterday I said go for it...and he did. It does look good so far. It'll let so much heat from the basement where the wood stove is to the upstairs now without that wall stopping it. I took some pics ...I'll get some uploaded shortly. The plan is to do whatever reno's we can do without it costing anything.

Nothing really on the agenda today...hoping to do some scrappin it's been a few days

Keep Smilin'

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How cool is this....

My friend Denise...she owns kit club...she was chosen to be a part of the Sketchabilites design team...I feel like I know a celebrity now :D She's an amazing scrapper and I'm sure will make those sketches absolutely pop~~~

My nurse was here today, she comes every Thursday between treatments to clean and change all the dressings on the PICC line. Feels great now that she's was irritated..we think the nurse in the hospital put the bandage on too tight...cause's been bugging me since treatment last Thursday but it's all good now!

I have a friend..who also has cancer right now :( she has lymphoma...her second time. She had it 12 years ago and it's back. It's sad...but at the same's nice to have someone actually going through treatments along with everything else at the same time as me. I have someone DIRECTLY to talk too and her I...I have lots of people to talk too, don't get me wrong..but unless you've been through it ...sometimes it's hard to relate. She even started her treatments the day before I did!
She has a pattern for scarves so she's going to make me some too...funky colours so we can spend our summer in style...she even said I wouldn't have to pay for them ( she thinks she can make 3 silk ones for $10 ) cause I'm a preferred customer :) I think I'll try and pay her anyway If I can..

I was reading something the other day about hair growth..HOLY only grows like 1/2 an inch a that rate..I'll be forever growing it long again..but who knows...maybe I won't have long hair again. I told Sean as soon as it was long enough I might spike the top and get blond highlights...leave the rest brown...might as well look funky :)

I think next time I have my wig on i'll take a picture . We ran into someone yesterday that didn't know I had cancer...I am still giggling about wig is chestnut brown which is really close to my natural colour, but I've had the blonde highlights for a while...Kelly hadn't seen me in a couple months...and I guess no one bothered to mention to him that I had cancer....and yesterday he says to me...."Hey, did you dye your hair" I said (with a huge grin) "Yep" and then he looks at Sean and says " You better have told her how good she looks" and he said (with an even bigger grin) "Yep"...then our other friend Emma...takes him aside and tells him it's a wig, tht I have cancer...well...I wish I had a picture of his was so priceless...he starts apologizing and says.."man, now I feel like an ass" and all I could do was giggle..and giggle and giggle...then he looks at Sean and says "Well you better have still told her she looks good"..we all broke out into crazy laughter~

Anyhoot....beautiful day out...It's been so warm and dry that there are fire bans in the towns around us...the leaves are so dry if someone tossed a cigarette they'd go up in smoke...crazy for this time of year~

Have a great day**Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What A View!!!

Today we went to see a friends son play hockey. He's only 7 and the game was only 10 minutes from us so we figured...what the heck. It's still cute hockey to watch at that age. We took the scenic route home and for once I remembered to take my camera. Aren't these beautiful? This view is from the property that the abandoned house is on. I love that little house...I wish I could buy this property...absolutely stunning~

yesterday I went to a Look Good Feel Better seminar. Basically they teach you how to look after your skin and apply makeup make yourself look good during cancer treatments. They even show you how to apply 'fake' eyebrows using an eye pencil. It's so cool...I haven't lost mine at this point, but it was good to know. You couldn't even tell if they were real or fake...unless you were really checking her out. The idea is that if a woman looks good while going through treatments, she'll feel better~ Everything is donated and it's put on by volunteers. Some of the products are made by Avon, Cover Girl, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Mary Kay...awesome stuff~~ There was everything from toners and moisturizers to cuticle creams and mascara. What's even better, is when it's all over and you've had your mini get to keep the kit~~~it's worth aprox $400!!!
Went to work yesterday for a little while too...did payroll and a few other computer related things. Mom has never done some of these things so it's just quicker and easier if I do it...and I don't mind a little bit here and there.
Enjoy the sunshine and Keep Smilin'

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Monday....

So..things are still pretty good. I thought I had our finances figured out, but our mortgage company didn't bother to put through the change in payment they took a payment on Friday which pretty much emptied our bank account :( which is not good...I have yet to be paid for any sick the really good mood I was in crashed today. I know it'll all work out...but seriously...I doubt they'll give me back the payment they took...which leaves us with nothing until April 1st..and pretty much took the nest egg I was hanging on to for emergencies.

A couple side effects they mention are achy bones and a metal taste ...well I seem to have acquired both LOL...even water tastes like metal. Tylenol is fixing the achiness (not sure of the spelling on that one) so that's good..although now it's affecting my sleep...or lack there of ~~~but on the bright side...still no nausea...which in my book is a bonus~~~

I've been scrappin lots...using up lots of old supplies (lord knows I can't afford any new ones ...) and I'm thinking about selling or trying to sell some of my cards.. I have loads of them, and have never sent them to anyone...or very rarely..made them for challenges mostly. We'll see...gotta make some money somehow LOL

beautiful sunny day ...the lovely weatherman actually mentioned flurries this weekend...but we'll see..maybe that'll change. Regardless...there won't be any snow left, and likely no accumulation so it's all good~~~

Enjoy each day~~smile lots~~

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fantastic Friday...

how is everyone?

I'm good, woke up with a headache...but the anti-nausea pill I have to take for 3 days causes it's nothing Tylenol won't fix. I only have to take this pill until Saturday it's nothing I can't handle.

I have 3 challenges on the go for that should keep me busy...between Skrap N' Chat and Scrap~tures...I sure won't get bored with my time off :) Suzanne at Skrap N' Chat has issued LOAD (Layout a day) challenges all week and I've managed to complete all so working on Thursday and Fridays today. Scrap-tures has issued a Finally Friday Sketch...and an awesome one that's also on my agenda~~

I found out yesterday though, that I'll have to have an echo-cardiogram every three months beginning in April for as long as I'm on the Herceptin..the anti-body for the Her2 protein...and then every three months for two years following completion of the that means I'm looking at echo's for pretty close to 3 years~'s hear of people getting cancer...and I'm sure most of us think that as soon as treatments are done, surgery is compete you think they are fine with maybe a yearly checkup. I for one never dreamed of having to have continual tests...Not every breast cancer patient needs to take echo's don't' happen for everyone.

When the nurse was pushing the one chemo drug...she wore safety goggles...I asked her why she was wearing them when I wasn't LOL...and of course it's procedure..and if I wanted a set I could..I declined..but she did say that the chemo drugs if it got onto our skin would start to eat it like acid...HOLY MOLY....but inside our veins it's ok. Go Figure. Ever wonder how someone invented this stuff...amazing~

Have a wonderful day...I'm off to scrap my little heart out

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Round 2 ...DONE

So yesterday we went to get the wig styled...and WOW it looks just like my hair...except I had some awesome blond highlights in mine...and this one is chestnut brown...but we put it to the test today. We stopped at a friends to drop off a vcr that I had for her...I took my scarf off and through my new 'hair' on..She hasn't seen me in a few weeks...first the hugs..then she said.."wow, you haven't lost your hair yet,but man does it ever look good"...hahahahahahaha OK but I told her it was fake...I had too..and she argued that I was full of it~VERY COOL!!

Today was round 2 of the first set of chemo...piece of cake ~~~ left the hospital and was absolutely starving...went to Moose Winooski's for and chips...soooooo yummy~~~I do have to say though...ADULTS STARE WAY TOO MUCH

I understand if kids stare..I makes often do they see someone with no hair (yes, I had the scarf on but it's still obvious)...but adults..holy freakin moly. One woman looked at me more during her lunch then she did her lunch partner. Ok, fine...look once but then I'm sure you know I have at least don't make it obvious that you are staring. Our waitress looked more at Sean then me (but then hey...I would too if I was the waitress so can't fault her for that~~ LMAO)

It doesn't bother makes me much that I thought .." how cool would it be to make up some T-shirts for cancer patients" Here are a couple of sayings I've come up with.....

'Are you staring at me because I'm beautiful or because I'm bald'
' Hairless and Horny' (ok, this might not be good one...who knows what might happen LOL )
'Hairless and HOT HOT HOT'
'If you think my head is should see my.............................................legs'

I honestly was almost peeing myself on the way home I was laughing so much. I wonder if anyone would buy them? treatment --April 1st...APRIL FOOLS DAY. I told the nurse that i should play a joke on them all that day. She said..."go for it...just don't tell us your sick if you aren't, we'll take you seriously" hahahahahahahaha

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I have a hair appointment...

tomorrow...hahahahaha how funny does that sound!! When I bought my wig, the lady told me that as soon as I had no hair (so that the wig would sit right on my head) I could come back in and she'd make sure it was fitted properly and give it a style...right now it's just long and brown( very very close to my real hair!!!! ) but the bangs are a little screwed up...they need to be fixed and I think I'll get her to layer it just a bit... I wish they weren't so darn expensive...I'd have multiple ones :D but this one was one of the $295~

I told Reece I had a hair appointment and the look on her face was priceless...I really need to have my camera ready for moments like that!!

Every night after school...Reece comes in the door and rubs my head..I think she must think it's good luck LOL...whatever works I guess.

According to her and Sean I look great bald...yeah ok..LOL but who am I to argue...I just don't think anyone else will get the chance to give me their opinion~~~

Have a wonderful day...

Keep Smilin'

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday :)

It's chemo times does fly...I go for blood work Wednesday..then my second chemo on Thursday. Hopefully I'll continue to feel as awesome as I have after the first treatment. If my only symptom is losing my hair...I'd say that's a bonus!

I've been scrapping a whole lot~ I hope I keep it up. Maybe I'll actually put a bigger dent in the older photo's. I'd like to pick up my knitting again..maybe tonight while i watch Tv....

Nothing much a short post today. I'm working on a layout for Skrap n' Chat...check them is on the side..awesome site, awesome members~~~~

Have a great one

Saturday, March 6, 2010

That was easier then I thought....for me anyway ...

It took about an hour and a half..but it's done...I have no hair...well a bit of stubble...but that'll be gone by tomorrow I'm sure. Poor Sean was shaking while he was doing it. It was falling out way too much and was actually ticking me off. We had a friend pop in this I was trying to keep it at least until he left. Then we decided to go shopping and buy some wood to trim our windows with the gift certificate that my mom got us this past Christmas. Sean said to me " any store you want to go to, just tell me and we'll go" so I said.." can you take me to the scrapbook store in Barrie" ..I've never been to it before thought...what the heck! They didn't have much...which was sort of a disappointment but that was probably a good thing in the long run!!! I did pick up the spring issue of Canadian Scrappbooker..yayyyyyyy and a couple pieces of pattern paper..and glue not bad.

So, once we got home...I looked at him and said..." lets get this over with"...I wasn't sure how I'd react..but it was all good. I joked a bit, laughed a lot...I can't change it..might as well go with the flow...but HOLY COW my head got cold fast! So I'm wearing my new head scarf...and it's PINK :)

I'm actually glad it's we have the task of vacuuming up all over the house...where my hair has been falling for the past couple days. I jumped in the shower and it felt so good to scrub and scrub.. and not worry about it falling out.

Thank goodness we are going in to summer..and warmer weather though...good timing on my tumors part~and I do think my husband might be a bit biased but he did say that I was the sexiest bald lady he's ever seen~!~

Laugh lots****things could always be worse~~

Friday, March 5, 2010

So there is always a bright side.....

I have officially lost 5.0 pounds since my first chemo treatment so just two weeks. BONUS....hoping to lose much more...I have lots to work with if I can manage to lose 10 pounds a month...for the 5 months I'm on chemo..I'll be soooo happy!

So, today in the mail I get the renewal for my Ontario health card...has to be done before my birthday in June...and I need a picture HAHAHAHAHAHA...that should be's supposed to look like me to avoid any chances of fraud..but I'll be lacking in some hair this is seriously making me giggle. I guess I could wear my wig..but honestly...I doubt it's going to REALLY look like me..but we'll see.

Sean cut my hair yesterday.....we are basically just prolonging the inevitable..but hey...ya gotta do what ya gotta's shoulder length...I think he cut off about 8 inches...boy was he ever nervous~~~doesn't look too bad. It's falling out fast...especially if I try and comb it..but we are supposed to be having a friend pop in either tonight or I'm trying to hang on to it until he's been here~

I've been scrapping more..which I can sure get used to~ I haven't had this much time to myself in years..I've worked full time since before I started maybe I will finally get caught up with all my old photo's~

It's supposed to be really warm and sunny this weekend...sure hope so. I can't wait to sit on our deck every morning with my tea...and just soak up the sun..although I do need to be careful..when on chemo it can make my skin sensitive to lots of sunscreen and maybe even a big funky hat~~~

Enjoy your day :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A couple of pics...

SO...I guess you could say this is the old me....I wanted a couple...who knows how i'll look when the new me appears~~~~

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And there is was.....

going going ...soon to be gone. My hair I mean....yesterday as I got ready a for work, and drying my hair I noticed what I thought was a few more hairs in the brush...wasn't really sure..I lose hair every day anyway. Last night...yep...I ran my fingers through my hair and had quite a few in my last night...I shed a few tears. Nothing major..just a few.. I don't consider myself to be a really vain person...but damn...I really like my hair ..LOL...but I can't do anything about it. It's meant to be..

We had some running around today so I didn't shower...I barely combed my preserve it as long as possible. Tomorrow my nurse is coming..then I figure...I'll shower...which will likely get rid of quite a bit of it..then I'll get Sean to likely shave the rest off...why make a bigger mess...

On the bright side...stopped into Zellers today...and with Sean's help (a second opinion is always a good thing) we chose 3 new hats for me. One is a baseball cap...with pink and white swirls on it (I'd love this pattern as scrapbook paper) and when he handed it too me...I noticed it has the breast cancer ribbon in the center...HOW COOL IS THAT!! So, I plan to be the coolest chick on the block (so to speak) with no hair. I had Sean take a few pics of me last a fond farewell to the hair I had grown to love these last few years. I am hoping to be able to take a few pics without my hair..afterall...this is my life...and part of me wants to document everything that's happening...maybe that sounds odd..but I don't want to just act like it never happened either.

We also stopped by our mail box (which for the record is a community one about 4 km's from our home) to pick up the weeks mail. I was so shocked...I had a parcel...and when I opened the door and saw who it was from..I almost started crying. It was a pizza box from my dear friend Denise...she is the proud new owner of her own kit club
She sent me the March kit..along with 3 books to help me pass the time. I could hardly believe my eyes...I haven't had 'happy' mail for quite some time and this couldn't have come at a better time...Don't get me wrong, I'm still UBER positive about everything that's happening with me...but like I said DAMN...I really liked my hair!

SO, I shall be creating something awesome ( I hope) to do this kit proud....Thank you again Denise...Thank you sooo much!

Keep Smilin'