Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And there is was.....

going going ...soon to be gone. My hair I mean....yesterday as I got ready a for work, and drying my hair I noticed what I thought was a few more hairs in the brush...wasn't really sure..I lose hair every day anyway. Last night...yep...I ran my fingers through my hair and had quite a few in my last night...I shed a few tears. Nothing major..just a few.. I don't consider myself to be a really vain person...but damn...I really like my hair ..LOL...but I can't do anything about it. It's meant to be..

We had some running around today so I didn't shower...I barely combed my preserve it as long as possible. Tomorrow my nurse is coming..then I figure...I'll shower...which will likely get rid of quite a bit of it..then I'll get Sean to likely shave the rest off...why make a bigger mess...

On the bright side...stopped into Zellers today...and with Sean's help (a second opinion is always a good thing) we chose 3 new hats for me. One is a baseball cap...with pink and white swirls on it (I'd love this pattern as scrapbook paper) and when he handed it too me...I noticed it has the breast cancer ribbon in the center...HOW COOL IS THAT!! So, I plan to be the coolest chick on the block (so to speak) with no hair. I had Sean take a few pics of me last a fond farewell to the hair I had grown to love these last few years. I am hoping to be able to take a few pics without my hair..afterall...this is my life...and part of me wants to document everything that's happening...maybe that sounds odd..but I don't want to just act like it never happened either.

We also stopped by our mail box (which for the record is a community one about 4 km's from our home) to pick up the weeks mail. I was so shocked...I had a parcel...and when I opened the door and saw who it was from..I almost started crying. It was a pizza box from my dear friend Denise...she is the proud new owner of her own kit club
She sent me the March kit..along with 3 books to help me pass the time. I could hardly believe my eyes...I haven't had 'happy' mail for quite some time and this couldn't have come at a better time...Don't get me wrong, I'm still UBER positive about everything that's happening with me...but like I said DAMN...I really liked my hair!

SO, I shall be creating something awesome ( I hope) to do this kit proud....Thank you again Denise...Thank you sooo much!

Keep Smilin'


Anonymous said...

You are so very welcome and I am happy it arrived at a good time. It makes me very happy to help you get through this in any way. Keep your eye on your mailbox because our buddy P is in on this too! :)

Keep strong my dear, keep strong.

Suzanne said...

That was so sweet of Denise. Enjoy your new goodies! And (((HUGS)) to you T!

Laurie (Wally) said...

enjoy your kit... you will for sure do it proud all our stuff is great

Tracey said...

Oh T! I can understand how you feel about your hair. :( That would be hard to deal with, but your attitude about it is so inspirational! :)
enjoy scrapping with all your new goodies! What fun

pajl said...

Enjoy T!
We love ya!