Friday, March 12, 2010

Fantastic Friday...

how is everyone?

I'm good, woke up with a headache...but the anti-nausea pill I have to take for 3 days causes it's nothing Tylenol won't fix. I only have to take this pill until Saturday it's nothing I can't handle.

I have 3 challenges on the go for that should keep me busy...between Skrap N' Chat and Scrap~tures...I sure won't get bored with my time off :) Suzanne at Skrap N' Chat has issued LOAD (Layout a day) challenges all week and I've managed to complete all so working on Thursday and Fridays today. Scrap-tures has issued a Finally Friday Sketch...and an awesome one that's also on my agenda~~

I found out yesterday though, that I'll have to have an echo-cardiogram every three months beginning in April for as long as I'm on the Herceptin..the anti-body for the Her2 protein...and then every three months for two years following completion of the that means I'm looking at echo's for pretty close to 3 years~'s hear of people getting cancer...and I'm sure most of us think that as soon as treatments are done, surgery is compete you think they are fine with maybe a yearly checkup. I for one never dreamed of having to have continual tests...Not every breast cancer patient needs to take echo's don't' happen for everyone.

When the nurse was pushing the one chemo drug...she wore safety goggles...I asked her why she was wearing them when I wasn't LOL...and of course it's procedure..and if I wanted a set I could..I declined..but she did say that the chemo drugs if it got onto our skin would start to eat it like acid...HOLY MOLY....but inside our veins it's ok. Go Figure. Ever wonder how someone invented this stuff...amazing~

Have a wonderful day...I'm off to scrap my little heart out

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Laurie (Wally) said...

good luck with those challenges...cuz I am posting one soon and you will love it...