Friday, March 19, 2010


although with not working, everyday is like Friday :)

SO yesterday in the mail I got my drivers licence renewal...and last week I got my renewal for my health card...and they both require PICTURES by June birthday...hahahahahahaha...I have no hair~ This should be good. I guess I'll wear the wig..but these cards are for 5 years...this is too funny...maybe I should get the picture taken with NO WIG..wouldn't that be hilarious.

Sean is working on demolishing our home...well not really but he's removed most of a wall leaving only about 3 feet as a railing by our stairs. It was sort of an awkward wall anyway...and he's been hinting for months that he wanted to remove yesterday I said go for it...and he did. It does look good so far. It'll let so much heat from the basement where the wood stove is to the upstairs now without that wall stopping it. I took some pics ...I'll get some uploaded shortly. The plan is to do whatever reno's we can do without it costing anything.

Nothing really on the agenda today...hoping to do some scrappin it's been a few days

Keep Smilin'

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