Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Getting There~~~

How amazing does this look~~~If you haven't seen the before pics, you'll have to scroll down through the posts to see them..We have to buy two pieces of new wood for the 'railing' topper and post..but I'm pretty sure we have enough on our gift card to get them without it costing us....BONUS
and does this every make a difference. Our wood stove is in the basement...and now the heat is getting up into this hallway and to our bedroom where before it didn't! Sean is wishing he had of done this 4 years ago when we bought the house.

Keep Smilin'


More like....etc. said...

WoooWeee! I love how quick he's getting this done! and it looks GREAT! :D we've been renovating since August 1st, 2009 -- LOL

Michelle said...

This looks wonderful!!! I am glad you are able to get heat up there now!!

Sassette said...

T, this looks fantastic!!!! Nice to have such a handyman at your side like that! He is doing a super job with this and it is going quickly (although I bet you don't think so)

Suzanne said...

It looks great, glad your dh is feeling good enough to do a nice home project for you.