Thursday, March 18, 2010

How cool is this....

My friend Denise...she owns kit club...she was chosen to be a part of the Sketchabilites design team...I feel like I know a celebrity now :D She's an amazing scrapper and I'm sure will make those sketches absolutely pop~~~

My nurse was here today, she comes every Thursday between treatments to clean and change all the dressings on the PICC line. Feels great now that she's was irritated..we think the nurse in the hospital put the bandage on too tight...cause's been bugging me since treatment last Thursday but it's all good now!

I have a friend..who also has cancer right now :( she has lymphoma...her second time. She had it 12 years ago and it's back. It's sad...but at the same's nice to have someone actually going through treatments along with everything else at the same time as me. I have someone DIRECTLY to talk too and her I...I have lots of people to talk too, don't get me wrong..but unless you've been through it ...sometimes it's hard to relate. She even started her treatments the day before I did!
She has a pattern for scarves so she's going to make me some too...funky colours so we can spend our summer in style...she even said I wouldn't have to pay for them ( she thinks she can make 3 silk ones for $10 ) cause I'm a preferred customer :) I think I'll try and pay her anyway If I can..

I was reading something the other day about hair growth..HOLY only grows like 1/2 an inch a that rate..I'll be forever growing it long again..but who knows...maybe I won't have long hair again. I told Sean as soon as it was long enough I might spike the top and get blond highlights...leave the rest brown...might as well look funky :)

I think next time I have my wig on i'll take a picture . We ran into someone yesterday that didn't know I had cancer...I am still giggling about wig is chestnut brown which is really close to my natural colour, but I've had the blonde highlights for a while...Kelly hadn't seen me in a couple months...and I guess no one bothered to mention to him that I had cancer....and yesterday he says to me...."Hey, did you dye your hair" I said (with a huge grin) "Yep" and then he looks at Sean and says " You better have told her how good she looks" and he said (with an even bigger grin) "Yep"...then our other friend Emma...takes him aside and tells him it's a wig, tht I have cancer...well...I wish I had a picture of his was so priceless...he starts apologizing and says.."man, now I feel like an ass" and all I could do was giggle..and giggle and giggle...then he looks at Sean and says "Well you better have still told her she looks good"..we all broke out into crazy laughter~

Anyhoot....beautiful day out...It's been so warm and dry that there are fire bans in the towns around us...the leaves are so dry if someone tossed a cigarette they'd go up in smoke...crazy for this time of year~

Have a great day**Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

T, hang in there and if you ever just need someone to talk to, I have been told I am a great listener! My sister-in-law is recovering from Breast Cancer too, so I am used to talking about these things!
I just love your attitude though, and how you are staying positive about everything! You are a great inspiration!

It is also AWESOME news about Denise! She is going to do great things and get great exposure for Scraptures!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that T!! I think I am a long way from being a celebrity but thank you! :)

pajl said...

Yep always nice to hear what is going on with you are one witty woman!