Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Monday....

So..things are still pretty good. I thought I had our finances figured out, but our mortgage company didn't bother to put through the change in payment they took a payment on Friday which pretty much emptied our bank account :( which is not good...I have yet to be paid for any sick the really good mood I was in crashed today. I know it'll all work out...but seriously...I doubt they'll give me back the payment they took...which leaves us with nothing until April 1st..and pretty much took the nest egg I was hanging on to for emergencies.

A couple side effects they mention are achy bones and a metal taste ...well I seem to have acquired both LOL...even water tastes like metal. Tylenol is fixing the achiness (not sure of the spelling on that one) so that's good..although now it's affecting my sleep...or lack there of ~~~but on the bright side...still no nausea...which in my book is a bonus~~~

I've been scrappin lots...using up lots of old supplies (lord knows I can't afford any new ones ...) and I'm thinking about selling or trying to sell some of my cards.. I have loads of them, and have never sent them to anyone...or very rarely..made them for challenges mostly. We'll see...gotta make some money somehow LOL

beautiful sunny day ...the lovely weatherman actually mentioned flurries this weekend...but we'll see..maybe that'll change. Regardless...there won't be any snow left, and likely no accumulation so it's all good~~~

Enjoy each day~~smile lots~~

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