Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades...

hahahahahaha...I love when the sun is shining~

SO today was blood work ...they have to check my red and white counts to make sure I can get the chemo tomorrow...Pretty sure I'm ok...since I get a $3000 needle to boost my white blood cells (and no I don't have to pay for it..thank goodness...Sean still has benefits through his employer and they cover the cost) It's amazing to me that someone invented a needle that when given into the fat (which we have no problem finding on me hahahahahahaha) it works it's way into the bone marrow and stimulates it to produce more white blood cells...I'm in awe of anyone who can produce amazing stuff like this!

Reece has a hair appointment this afternoon so I'll be off to town shortly to pick her up. I want to stop at the dollar store and pick up an easel frame for a project that was posted at Scrap~tures...I think it would make an awesome gift for school teachers...hopefully they'll have them.

I won't be around tomorrow until later chemo is booked for by the time we leave here, just after Reece gets on the'll put us in Barrie aprox 8:30 or so (stopping for a tea at Timmies of coures :) )

Enjoy the beautiful weather...Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

T, I love how beautiful and sunny it has been today!

Hope all goes well tomorrow with your chemo, and you always know where to find me to chat once you get home!

Can't wait to see what you do for your project! Do I even know about this one? Guess I need to go look at the boards:)

Suzanne said...

It is amazing what they can do and I hope their doin' on you keeps those shades necessary! (((HUGS))) for tomorrow.

More like....etc. said...

Take care T - hope you found the easels you're looking for!

I'm amazed at such inventions too ;)