Thursday, March 11, 2010

Round 2 ...DONE

So yesterday we went to get the wig styled...and WOW it looks just like my hair...except I had some awesome blond highlights in mine...and this one is chestnut brown...but we put it to the test today. We stopped at a friends to drop off a vcr that I had for her...I took my scarf off and through my new 'hair' on..She hasn't seen me in a few weeks...first the hugs..then she said.."wow, you haven't lost your hair yet,but man does it ever look good"...hahahahahahaha OK but I told her it was fake...I had too..and she argued that I was full of it~VERY COOL!!

Today was round 2 of the first set of chemo...piece of cake ~~~ left the hospital and was absolutely starving...went to Moose Winooski's for and chips...soooooo yummy~~~I do have to say though...ADULTS STARE WAY TOO MUCH

I understand if kids stare..I makes often do they see someone with no hair (yes, I had the scarf on but it's still obvious)...but adults..holy freakin moly. One woman looked at me more during her lunch then she did her lunch partner. Ok, fine...look once but then I'm sure you know I have at least don't make it obvious that you are staring. Our waitress looked more at Sean then me (but then hey...I would too if I was the waitress so can't fault her for that~~ LMAO)

It doesn't bother makes me much that I thought .." how cool would it be to make up some T-shirts for cancer patients" Here are a couple of sayings I've come up with.....

'Are you staring at me because I'm beautiful or because I'm bald'
' Hairless and Horny' (ok, this might not be good one...who knows what might happen LOL )
'Hairless and HOT HOT HOT'
'If you think my head is should see my.............................................legs'

I honestly was almost peeing myself on the way home I was laughing so much. I wonder if anyone would buy them? treatment --April 1st...APRIL FOOLS DAY. I told the nurse that i should play a joke on them all that day. She said..."go for it...just don't tell us your sick if you aren't, we'll take you seriously" hahahahahahahaha

Keep Smilin'


Denise Gay said...

Haha!! That's hilarious! You could make millions T...go for it!

Suzanne said...

Go for the shirts! I love them!