Friday, March 5, 2010

So there is always a bright side.....

I have officially lost 5.0 pounds since my first chemo treatment so just two weeks. BONUS....hoping to lose much more...I have lots to work with if I can manage to lose 10 pounds a month...for the 5 months I'm on chemo..I'll be soooo happy!

So, today in the mail I get the renewal for my Ontario health card...has to be done before my birthday in June...and I need a picture HAHAHAHAHAHA...that should be's supposed to look like me to avoid any chances of fraud..but I'll be lacking in some hair this is seriously making me giggle. I guess I could wear my wig..but honestly...I doubt it's going to REALLY look like me..but we'll see.

Sean cut my hair yesterday.....we are basically just prolonging the inevitable..but hey...ya gotta do what ya gotta's shoulder length...I think he cut off about 8 inches...boy was he ever nervous~~~doesn't look too bad. It's falling out fast...especially if I try and comb it..but we are supposed to be having a friend pop in either tonight or I'm trying to hang on to it until he's been here~

I've been scrapping more..which I can sure get used to~ I haven't had this much time to myself in years..I've worked full time since before I started maybe I will finally get caught up with all my old photo's~

It's supposed to be really warm and sunny this weekend...sure hope so. I can't wait to sit on our deck every morning with my tea...and just soak up the sun..although I do need to be careful..when on chemo it can make my skin sensitive to lots of sunscreen and maybe even a big funky hat~~~

Enjoy your day :)

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