Saturday, March 6, 2010

That was easier then I thought....for me anyway ...

It took about an hour and a half..but it's done...I have no hair...well a bit of stubble...but that'll be gone by tomorrow I'm sure. Poor Sean was shaking while he was doing it. It was falling out way too much and was actually ticking me off. We had a friend pop in this I was trying to keep it at least until he left. Then we decided to go shopping and buy some wood to trim our windows with the gift certificate that my mom got us this past Christmas. Sean said to me " any store you want to go to, just tell me and we'll go" so I said.." can you take me to the scrapbook store in Barrie" ..I've never been to it before thought...what the heck! They didn't have much...which was sort of a disappointment but that was probably a good thing in the long run!!! I did pick up the spring issue of Canadian Scrappbooker..yayyyyyyy and a couple pieces of pattern paper..and glue not bad.

So, once we got home...I looked at him and said..." lets get this over with"...I wasn't sure how I'd react..but it was all good. I joked a bit, laughed a lot...I can't change it..might as well go with the flow...but HOLY COW my head got cold fast! So I'm wearing my new head scarf...and it's PINK :)

I'm actually glad it's we have the task of vacuuming up all over the house...where my hair has been falling for the past couple days. I jumped in the shower and it felt so good to scrub and scrub.. and not worry about it falling out.

Thank goodness we are going in to summer..and warmer weather though...good timing on my tumors part~and I do think my husband might be a bit biased but he did say that I was the sexiest bald lady he's ever seen~!~

Laugh lots****things could always be worse~~


Suzanne said...

You attitude is amazing T! It sounds like this isn't going to hurt your marriage any, you're blessed to have such great support.

Laurie (Wally) said...

YEAH!!! so glad it was easy for you.. I have been praying for you...(((HUGS))) my friend

pajl said...

awhhh T...
no doubt that Sean would say anything BUT that..Amazing guy he is!
I need to give him a PAJL hug!
You continue to amaze me T..