Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What A View!!!

Today we went to see a friends son play hockey. He's only 7 and the game was only 10 minutes from us so we figured...what the heck. It's still cute hockey to watch at that age. We took the scenic route home and for once I remembered to take my camera. Aren't these beautiful? This view is from the property that the abandoned house is on. I love that little house...I wish I could buy this property...absolutely stunning~

yesterday I went to a Look Good Feel Better seminar. Basically they teach you how to look after your skin and apply makeup make yourself look good during cancer treatments. They even show you how to apply 'fake' eyebrows using an eye pencil. It's so cool...I haven't lost mine at this point, but it was good to know. You couldn't even tell if they were real or fake...unless you were really checking her out. The idea is that if a woman looks good while going through treatments, she'll feel better~ Everything is donated and it's put on by volunteers. Some of the products are made by Avon, Cover Girl, Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Mary Kay...awesome stuff~~ There was everything from toners and moisturizers to cuticle creams and mascara. What's even better, is when it's all over and you've had your mini get to keep the kit~~~it's worth aprox $400!!!
Went to work yesterday for a little while too...did payroll and a few other computer related things. Mom has never done some of these things so it's just quicker and easier if I do it...and I don't mind a little bit here and there.
Enjoy the sunshine and Keep Smilin'

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pajl said...

T...that house is stunning!~!
Love the pictures of the stream too!!
I am glad you had a good day at the seminar...and that you learned alot!!!