Thursday, March 25, 2010

Where the heck did the sunshine go....

No sunshine, supposed to rain this afternoon then turn cold...down to -9 tonight...ahhhh unpredictable!

I'm waiting for my nurse to arrive and change my P.I.C.C dressings and flush the line...she normally calls the night before with a time..but Reece was online...and since we live in the boonies (beautiful boonies mind you, but still the boonies) it means we still have dial up so the line was busy. She has our cell #'s but didn't use here I sit..not like I have a whole lot of places to be today anyway LOL

I do believe I'll be scrappin some more....maybe I can finally get all my older pics scrapped this year. I don't really want to be 'all caught up' ...I think I'd be sad if I had no pictures to scrap...I sort of enjoy flipping through all of the pics to see what catches my brings back all those memories when looking at the old pics!

Sean was able to work more on the entrance way, and is trimming the window beside the back door as I type this. It looks so amazing...we need a new closet door , new flooring, and the railing and post and it's completely done! None of those things will cost very much either, which is a bonus..but it'll be a bit before we can buy it steps right?

So, I do think that since being whole outlook on things has changed...I honestly seem to laugh is this possible? Well...I think I's done..I have that nasty 'C'..the one thing that most people dread why dwell...they say laughter is the best medicine ..right?

Last night, we are heading up to bed...I always get in the room first while Sean stokes up the wood stove and takes the dog out one last time. I hear him coming up the stairs, and I'm standing in our room in nothing but my T-shirt and baby butt bald he rounds the corner into our room...I raised my voice and said "STOP, don't come in"...he stops, looks at me and say "why" to which I replied " I'm too sexy for my body" and I start dancing around....omg, it was priceless...I was laughing hysterically...Sean's response " you are a goof...but I love ya" hahahahahahahahahahaha

Keep Smilin'

(Rebecca..if you are reading this, I sent you an email)


Sassette said...

T, it is suppose to rain here too! Not looking forward to that at all, as it will put a damper on my day (no pun intended) :)

You are so up beat and I just love reading your posts. They are always so positive and uplifting! I know so many people that could take notes from you and they would be happier in their lives.

It is so good to be getting those renos done, even if it takes time! The end results will be awesome and you will just love it. BUT what will DH do when he isn't doing reno's and when ever will you find time to scrap? LOL

Just 'T' said...

I know Lisa...he's spent most of the day with me in my scrap area...we trade off the computer..he facebooks while I scrap LOL