Friday, April 30, 2010


So, we are seriously considering finding a home for our dog. She just barks too the neighbours when they stand on their deck, at the other neighbours dogs when they let them the chipmunks when they run in the trees. It's crazy...she has to be tied up (municipal bylaw) ..I just think she'd be happier somewhere there was room for her to roam. Our lot isn't very big...and to be quite honest...if we'd have known all that was going to happen , we never would have got her in the first place. We'll see ...
Sean and I had errands to run today for my work and we decided to hit Costco was his pay day and we try to get our groceries that day...since it's a once a month payment...we get them while we can. We were heading to the place to pick up some stuff for my work when sitting at the Tim Horton's was this tow truck. Sean spotted it as we passed the Timmies and said "hey, now that's a pink truck" and I said...."OMG, I want a picture" ..and for once I even had my camera~ check out this sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet is this~~~

I loooooooooovvvvveeeee this truck :) It makes my heart smile!

and now for some AWESOME NEWS...I mentioned a couple days ago, that I was doing layouts for Lovebug Scrapbooking in the hopes of winning the loot draw. Well, I DID WIN (I wish blogger had smilies) I think it was about $30 in gift certificates to
I am so freakin excited. I know it's not much but it'll be enough for me to get a few new things.
Maybe tonight my lottery numbers will come in..who knows (now wouldn't that be a hoot)

Well peeps, that's it for's late so I'm gonna split.
Have a super evening~

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wasting away on a Wednesday..

or at least that's how it feels LOL...I don't think I've done much of anything but I did I finished this layout up today...for a challenge on Lovebug. I had to use journal strips..this turned out quite well I think. It's simple..using some Bo Bunny that Lisa sent me~~ I also did this layout using American Crafts products for another challenge at Lovebug
There is a contest right now where you get points for posting and doing challenges and you can win the 'loot' You have to pay $5.00 to join ..right now I think the loot is at $30.00 which would be sweet...I could handle that in basically free product. If I win I can buy whatever I want from the store. I thin I'm done with the challenges at Lovebug though...but the draw is wish me luck!!
I've been organizing and deleting photo's from my computer all day. I have tons of Mexico shots..most of which I won't use or print so I've been trying to go through them. Some I've scrapped already so I've deleted them. I have the entire file on a thumb drive and I guess I've uploaded the file a couple times, so it's time to delete for good. I am picking photo's to print and putting them into another file to take to Costco whenever we go. That's the only thing I don't like about digi cams....the pics seem to sit on the computer..and in my opinion...for no reason. I like when I have a film...get it developed and have them in my hand, I can't do that with digi because my printer isn't good enough so I need to get them printed.
While going through the Mexico pics I came across this one....

Senor Frogs is a bar in Playa Del Carmen...and when we visited and saw this sign, I thought it was awesome~~I'd give anything to be back in Mexico...with my toes in the water and my ass in the sand. Someday...maybe not Mexico as Sean and I would like to travel somewhere else next time. We've both said when this entire ordeal is over, we are going celebrate~~
Well that's it for today I think. I'm exhausted...the last few nights of not getting a lot of sleep has finally caught up with me...need to rest~~
Have a wonderful evening and
Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scrap Farm Give Away...

I almost forgot to tell you all about this...Check out this blog for an amazing give away~it's a package of Imaginisce products and believe me we'd all be lucky to win this~ Check it out~~

How cool is this...hahaha

I went into work last night for a couple hours and my dad handed me this hat..A customer found out about me and gave it to my dad to give to me...HOW's a 'T' hat...for me 'T' (it actually stands for 'Traditions Farm) but hey...the 'T' works for me~~
My achy legs prevented sleep for most of the night last night seems to get worse at bedtime...aren't I lucky hahahahahahaha...Sean heated up the oat bags for me again, and I eventually fell asleep but I wake often. Oh well...can't change it...only deal with it. Today has been pretty good though so hopefully it'll get better now as the days go on.

Now, I need to get creating...I still have a couple of challenges for April to get completed...and the month is coming to an end quite quickly~

Keep Smilin'

Monday, April 26, 2010

Quiet Monday...

Wow, I haven't done a darn thing today..except lay in bed for most of it. I have really achy much that it feels like someone has beaten me with a baseball bat and mainly from the knees down and my neck. It started yesterday and really hasn't let up much. Sean was a sweetheart and continually heated up those microwavable oat bags for me, and even put a flannel sheet in the dryer then wrapped it around me. It's all part of the price I need to pay to beat this and as bad as it sounds it could always be worse. Hopefully it won't get any worse, it actually feels like it might be getting a wee bit cross your fingers. Pretty bad when even the bones in my little toes hurt hahahahahaha

Reece has soccer practice tonight, so I'm heading into work for a couple of hours...hopefully I won't be in too much pain, but then Tylenol seems to be my good friend these days~~

Have a great day...

Keep Smilin'

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday SUN on a Sunday...

It's pretty overcast sun...and I think the rain is coming...but I guess we need rain too, to help things grow. I can't believe my lawn is covered in dandelions...and it's only April~

I had a terrible sleep last night...achy bones. This new chemo also causes achy bones so with the Neulasta shot and the chemo...well lets just say the bones in my toes ache ..LOL...but small price to pay for health. I keep telling's ok, I'm alive...I can take it~ He wishes there was something he could do to I did when he was hurt. Funny how helpless we feel when we can't fix what's wrong with the people we love.

Nothing really planned for today...hopefully I can scrap but we'll see if it's too uncomfortable to sit here too. I have one layout almost done and a few more on the TO DO list...and I hate having a unfinished TO DO list hahahahahahahaha

We went to our friends 'moving away' dinner last night. She's such a hoot. She's 22 and so full of's a blessing I tell ya! It was fun ..and I'm glad we went. We camped all last summer with these people, and haven't seen them since October so it was worth it.

Have a great day

Keep Smilin'

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunny least so far!!!

Apparently it's supposed to rain later on, I hope not though. We are going to a dinner tonight being put on by a 22 year old friend of ours that is going up *north* for work..for the summer before returning to do another year of college. She's an amazing cook...and making the entire dinner herself, so this should be fun!

Today is Neulasta day too...the $3000 shot in the belly I get to stimulate my bone marrow into making more white blood cells. I have the cutest male nurse to give me the shot though, so who can complain :) It does mean that tomorrow is going to be a bone achy tylenol will be on the menu.

I have so many scrappy projects on my TO DO list ...I can't believe how it keeps me busy. Man, I must have missed alot over the last year and a bit when I hardly scrapped. I really don't want to have to go back to work..if only I could find someone to pay me to stay home hahahahahahahaha

Sean and I have taken one load of rocks to the land fill so far, and he's out there loading up another one. It's going to look so good when it's all done..which with any luck will be next summer. Not really sure how much we'll get done this year with the money not being there, but where he wants to put the door and window, we already have the door and window so who knows, maybe more will get done then what I anticipate. There is a lot of top soil to be moved though...which will be tough doing it by shovel and wheel barrow..but then again, it's only April!

I'm still snapping pics for my 'week in my life''s been kind of fun. I want to make a mental note (we'll see if I remember) to do this this exact time next year. I should be done all treatments and it would be interesting to see who far I've come...I think we should all do it..once a year~!~

Well peeps, I'm out of here for today...have an awesome Saturday...and of course.......

Keep Smilin'

Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Friday :)

I thought I would share a few of my photo's from a *Week In My Life*
I don't really think I've taken very life is pretty much the same, day in and day out so maybe I'll do a bit more journalling...who knows.
Yesterday as some of you know, as we were headed to Barrie for my chemo treatment we were hit with a flying rock from a stupid dump truck..and this is the result. I'll be pricing windshields but seriously...we won't be able to even buy a new one...until we absolutely have too...the money just isn't there...( I am getting quite sick of this situation...I just can't figure out how to change it as it seems the only way to do that is to have money to make money)
With us sitting at the hospital for over 6 hours, the heat made the crack spread, so it actually looks worse now~
Yesterday I started a new chemo drug...the last 3 rounds were a combination of 3 different chemos and this one is just one..BUT this one can cause nail damage as one of the side effects. In extreme cases it can turn my nails black and they could fall off...AHHHHHHHH I'm a scrapbooker, that can't happen hahahahaha so one thing they have found is that by sitting with your fingers in ice while you get the chemo it slows down the blood flow to the finger tips and prevents this from happening. OK so try sitting with your fingers in ice for a solid hour..OY I had to remove them about 5 times but only for a few seconds at a time. They were so cold they actually felt like they were burning. I'm not complaining...I was bugging the nurses threatening to toss ice cubes at them if they didn't behave~~One of the volunteers came around asking if I needed a drink...I asked for red wine but they were all out~

Don't I look cute in purple gloves hahahahaha. They do offer free TV and free nternet at each chemo bed..but when I tried to access Facebook and Scrap~tures the computer said the site wasn't not allowed and that I could send a request to have it an allowable site and I'd get a response in 48 hours..well I had no intentions of being there in 48 hours so what was the point. Watched HGTV that show. I do believe I'm a bit of a HGTV junkie hahahahahaha
I also started the Herceptin yesterday which was dripped over 90 minutes which is the reason for the long stay. They drip the first one over a longer period to monitor any immediate side effects for which I had NONE (I so rawk~~ ) so next time it'll be dripped over 30 much quicker. The Herceptin is the anti-body to the protein that makes the tumor grow faster and spread more aggressively. Most people have the anti-body...apparently I do lucky can one girl be hahahahahahahaha. The good thing is though, that once the Herceptin treatments are done medically they can state that my cancer will not return with 50% certainty...which is a pretty good number in the cancer world! These treatments will run the same schedule as the chemo so once a week, every three weeks for 15 sessions 45 weeks which I think brings me into March 2011.
I'm also on the final day of this sessions steroid and so far so good. I'm not eating like a horse (although I did buy lots of celery figuring if I was gonna eat lots, it might as well be a veggie full of water hahahahaha) I didn't sleep worth a hoot last night, but like I've said before, I haven't slept worth a crap since December so what's new there. I didn't get out of bed early (well 6:30am if you call that early) because I was stubborn :) I know, shocking eh hahahahahahaha
SO...even after the windshield, the frozen fingers....I still woke up with a smile on my face...I'M ALIVE ...and that my friends should be the very first thought that goes through your mind every morning. As corny as that might sound...every day is a gift ..that why they call it the live it to the fullest. Yep, we are broke, Yep, my pride takes a kick every time I have to borrow money to pay a bill, and Yep, if I could change things with a twinkle of my nose I would but right at this moment, that's not we carry on. We all have crap to deal with...but aren't we lucky we are hear on this earth to deal with it
Keep Smilin'

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Early Morning

Well, I haven't slept a whole lot. Tossed and turned so finally got up at 5am. It sure is peaceful in here when everyone is asleep..but then it happened *BARK* damn dog LOL so out we went for the morning's chilly out. I'm still only wearing my little night cap and it doesn't cover my neck...seriously...I bet none of you ever thought about how much your hair insulates your head!!I am hoping once the warm nights come I won't have to wear it to bed does move around when I do...and contributes to no a continual night sleep.

So, hopefully I won't be too tired throughout the day. Still not squirrelly though. Yesterday Sean says to Reece "So Boo, if you come home from school and your mom is climbing the trees don't worry , she's only looking for nut" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA isn't he a comedian..too bad he didn't get paid for all his wit!!!

I'm off for treatment #4 out of 6 today...hard to believe I've got half of these behind me. Time does wish me luck that today goes well. The first time for a new drug is always a little bit more nerve wracking , a bit of uncertainty as to weather I'll take it ok or not. They changed my appointment from 11am to 10:30am so hopefully we wont' be forever at the hospital. It's only one drug this time not I think once I'm in there it'll be IV drip for aprox one hour.

I'm going to take my camera too. I'm not doing too bad on my 'week in my life' photo's . I got quite a few yesterday which was cool. I'm hoping Sean will take a couple of me getting my chemo. Unfortunately my life at this point is pretty similar day to like I said before I fear my little 'project' is going to be rather boring but we'll see.

So there ya have's 6am...and it's starting to become light outside. The world is waking up.

I hope when you all wake up this morning, you smiled and realized how lucky you are!! Like I told my daughter (as long as she reads her blog she'll see it)

* You might think that you are behind the eight ball some days but be thankful you aren't under it*

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Squirrelly Day One

How do you like that for title hahahahahaha ..I've taken two goes of this steroid and so far so good. I don't feel any different so lets hope I can sleep.

Went for blood work this morning, then Sean and I went to his parents's quite far from where I go for blood but we were already out so figured why not. His dad sells used cars so we were hoping maybe he had something there that was a decent deal. There are a couple that I need to talk to the insurance company about...see how much it is to add it to our insurance. We are looking for something easier on fuel then our Lincoln...but we'll see.

We will be out of here tomorrow fairly early too , so if I'm not around'll know..or at least anyone reading this will know. If I'm up in the middle of this night because I can't sleep...then I might just post and tell you all since I'll be looking for things to keep me company.

Krystal, tell Jeremy his idea of getting an X-Box is a good one, but it would require money...and since I have to borrow money pretty much every month to pay for things, I don't think an X-Box is in our near future LOL

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Two more for today

How stinkin cute are these pics...that's my daughter Krystal...just over a year old~~~
I find it hard to scrap my older pics, I wasn't a very good photographer nor did I have a decent camera back then. A lot of them are fuzzy...but I'm doing my best to get them done~Here's Reece..jumping in our leaves. She never wants to help rake them but mess then back up again..and she's game~~

Both these layouts were using the April kit from Scrap~tues

Keep Smilin'

Getting prepared...

Good Morning :)
Here are a couple more of my recent projects. When I first went off work, I had 1 1/2 photo's boxes full of pictures. I just transferred what was left in the one over to the other and now I just have one photo's box of pictures. How cool is that~ Even Sean said this morning, if I keep it up I won't have any pictures left! I'll believe that when I see it hahahahahaha
I start taking that steroid tomorrow, so we've made sure I can move my laptop upstairs for the night, in case I can't sleep. I also have a couple of books I can I should be good. I'm really not looking forward to not being able to sleep so maybe it won't happen to me although I think the odds are against me. We are also making a recipe binder of all the favorites that we've found so they all need to be typed out which is something else I can do. I doubt I'll be able to scrap...I won't be able to move all my stuff upstairs ..there is really no place to put it. My albums are all upstairs though, and need to be organized as well I have a few that I've just put random layouts in so I can separate them into their appropriate albums.

We have nothing on the go for today, Sean is out loading more rocks onto our trailer and I've got a few challenges I'd like to get done so that's my plan for today.

Keep Smilin'

Monday, April 19, 2010

And just how is your Monday going???

Sean and I decided to get rid of our old washer and dryer today...take it to the metal recycling place. No sense having it sit around in the way. We were paid $24.00 hahahahaha doesn't sound like much, but hey..that means the "NEW" to me washer and dryer now only cost us $76.00 so BONUS. Then we had to run into Alliston to pick up a few groceries and take back some beer bottles and a couple wine bottles. On the way I said...lets pick up any we see in the ditch..what the heck. Helps to clean up the roads and puts a few cents in our pocket. It still amazes me at that people drink and drive...well we found beer bottles and beer cans...but then on one road, about 150 feet apart I found these TWO win bottles. WHO DOES THAT...drinks a big bottle of wine while driving..unbelievable!!SO then we stopped to get our mail on the way home...and I found a small package inside the mailbox. I see the name and address from New Brunswick..and I knew who it was from but was curious as to what was in it. So I ripped it open to find this..OMG, how adorable is this? It's from my friend Tracey...she's such a sweetheart~She lives in Ontario, but her sister Tina lives in New Brunswick and makes these from Scrabble amazing!!
Here is the addy to Tina's Etsy shop...stop by and maybe you'll find something you like!

I feel so lucky to have some really special people in my life..people that care and send me little things to brighten my day!!!

We went to Sean's aunts yesterday for a birthday dinner for his grandmother. I was so tired and didn't really feel like going, but it's one of those things. His grandmother is 84 and ...not in the best of health..a bit of dementia setting in so we went anyway. I am glad I did..although saw a couple of Sean's step sisters, who last time completely ignored me and now are hugging me...and talking to me. Pretty sad that I have to get sick for people to treat me like a human being but oh well...made me giggle. I did however have a good chat with his aunt ..who 6 years ago had breast cancer too...and of course offered any help she could...since she has been through exactly what I'm going through so that was nice.

I'm also participating in Ali Edwards ' A Week In Your Life' which means I have to really try to document an entire week in my life. This week is a good week to do it, I have chemo this week so I'm hoping to be able to take a few pics there. I plan to do a 8 1/2 x 11 album of this week, then maybe do it again next year...just to see how my life changes over the course of a year. I am hoping my routine changes enough to not be boring, and that people don't think I'm whacked in the chemo suite for taking pics hahahahahaha

Keep Smilin'

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Newest Creation

This is my latest layout..created with the Scrap~tures April Kit and completed for a challenge at Lovebug Scrapbooking. This picture was taken when my baby girl was just a couple of months old so it's almost 20 years old. I've since lost my it just makes this picture even more special.
Keep Smilin'

Happy Saturday :)

What's up today? I'm working on yet another layout...we are leaving shortly to take a load of rocks from the front of our house to the landfill..then dropping Reece off at yet another sleepover~ I think the only weekend that kid has been home for the entire one in the last 4 months was Easter and that's only because she wanted to get her chocolate..hahahahahahaha

I have a sore on my arm by the P.I.C.C's from the constant bandage covering the site of the line..and it's sooooo freakin itchy. I've had this spot covered with a bandage for two poor, since healing is an issue I'm going to put some polysporin on it with yet another bandage and hope it doesn't get infected cause that would suck.

So, I got an email back from my friend who is going through treatments and YES..we will be taking the same damn steroid. I guess they weren't kidding when they said I likely won't sleep..she hadn't slept in two days..OY Maybe I can dodge that side effect too hahahahahaha

We woke up to snow on our deck...thank goodness it was only a skiff...and it's gone but it's freakin cold out...

Enjoy your day

Keep Smilin'

Friday, April 16, 2010

Latest Creations..

This are the latest layouts I've done. The Little Lady one is using supplies from Lisa's Rak..I love this's Bo Bunny..and absolutely gorgeous :) This is my oldest daughter at the age of 8..she'll be 20 this year!! This was a scraplift challenge over at Lovebug Scrapbookingand this layout is using Junkitz Shabby Chic. I used distress ink on the cardstock to give it an 'older' feel since that's me in the picture...aprox 1970 hahahahahaha..

Not much happening today..thank goodness. I received an email from my friend who is going through chemo right now too..she said she's been up for two days with no sleep and that apparently the 'steroid' she's taking does that. I have asked her to tell me which one she's on..since I have to take one next week. If I'm gonna be up for a couple days straight, I want my scrappin stuff far away from our dog so I can scrap all night while everyone is sleeping. Right now it's in the basement and so is her not a good mix LOL

Have a wonderful Friday

Keep Smilin'

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Echo Echo Echo....

I went for my first echo-cardiogram today. This is the first one in many to come. I am Her2 positive..this means that my cancer cells have too much Her2 protein and grow and can spread more aggressively then normal cancer cells (aren't a lucky~~) aprox 1 in 4 women with breast cancer are Her2 positive. This means that I require another treatment on top of chemotherapy and radiation. I need to have Herceptin. Herceptin is a drug administered through my PICC line that targets Her2 to stop it's activity. It attaches to the Her2 receptor on cancer cells to stop their growth and may even destroy them. It is essential an anti-body to attack the cancer. I have to have Herceptin treatments for aprox. 12 months. The reason for the echo is because Herceptin can possibly effect the heart muscle and reduce it's ability to pump blood (again, aren't I lucky hahaha) This is more common in women who have had certain chemo of which I've had. To monitor whether the heart is being effected...I have to have an echo every 3 months while taking Herceptin...then every 3 months for 2 years following the end of Herceptin. The nice lady that gave me my echo today told me everything was I'm starting with a very healthy heart..BONUS (I have said it before, and I'll say it again..I'm a very healthy sick person hahahahahahaha)
I tell ya...if I was ever modest about showing my boobs before this....I can say with all certainty now...I am no longer modest at all LOL
SO..on to my GREAT mail day. I have said before that scrapbookers are the most generous people in the world..with both their friendships and their supplies..and once again..I was proven right. My buddy Lisa (sassyscraps) told me she was sending me a box of goodies..what an absolute sweetheart~I stopped to get the mail on my way home to find a parcel waiting for me at the post office. I told Sean to head to town (only 15 minutes away) because I was really excited to get this package (as I am with EVERY package I know is coming!) When I got into the truck, I just had to open it ..I just couldn't wait until I got home. I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. First of all, here is a picture of the beautiful card that was inside. Now, if any of you read Lisa's blog, you'll have seen this card before. I told her I loved it when she made it...not having a clue she made it for me!!
and here is a picture of everything that was inside that pizza box. I'm still stunned at her generosity and kindness. We haven't been friends long, but boy I tell ya, it feels like we've been friends forever. (isn't it amazing how it feels that way with people you meet online..especially scrappy people :) )
I can't wait to get into this stuff and make her proud!! I only hope someday I can pay if forward to all the people that are making me feel special.
I'm not sure if it's because I have Cancer or not, but I have this overwhelming urge to get as many of my pics scrapped while I'm off...and this will whole heartedly help me with this task!~!
So, one more great mail item to tell you about. I am a volunteer with the Caledon Dufferin Victim Services unit. I have been for aprox 6 years I think. Today in the mail I received an envelope from them and when I opened it , inside was a $20 gift card to Montana's. It was a thank you for this week being Volunteer cool is that!! The organization has been in operator for 20 years, hence the $20 gift card.
So there you have AWESOME day :)
Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another project...hahahahaha

It's pretty much never ending, the things we want to change around our house. These are two pics of the front of our house. It's full of rock that the last guy must have thought looked good. Problem is ...he cemented all these together. We are removing all of it (transplanting the shrubs and trees) and eventually this will be a waterfall with a big window into our basement with the entrance door that is now behind the garage door that you can't see. We want to make a new entrance because this house is a little confusing to people who come for the first time. In the picture above you can see the rock walk way up the hill...that takes you to the side door. We want to make a new entrance way into the basement that looks inviting. Where those two tall trees are is hopefully going to be a waterfall. At the bottom of the walkway is a huge flat rock which Sean plans to use as the top of the waterfall. This is a HUGE job..and one we really need a mini excavator for...but today Sean is out there with a sledge hammer trying to break up as much rock as possible. I'm sure this is good exercise for his back hahahahahaha...good thing the doctor said there was nothing he could do to hurt himself worse (except of course falling off a ladder again)
While Sean is outside surveying what he's about to do, this little guy popped out of some greenery. He's just a baby...and my adorable husband came and got our camera(he's definitely been married to a scrapbooker for too long hahahahahahaha) and snapped a couple pics. How adorable is he :)

So...since Sean has found a job to keep himself busy today, I'm planning out a couple layouts (well one at least..not sure I'm fast enough to do more then one but we'll see) I've found 3 different challenges over at that I plan on working on and one challenge at so that should keep me busy for the next little while.

Keep Smilin'

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Solution found...

So, after being told about the dryer yesterday, I went onto Kijiji and searched. Found a lady in Barrie getting rid of a set of Maytag..washer and dryer for $100. It's 10 years old, but works great. We went today to look at the set and they look we bought them. Not that I had extra money but a necessity is a necessity. Our dryer hasn't dried properly in quite a while...and this dryer dries freakin amazingly (if that's a word LOL ) We are picking up the washer on Thursday ...since my washer (bought my washer with my dryer) is also making terrible noises..and has been for a while. So, $50 bucks each I think is a pretty good deal. When we got to the ladies house..she said she was contacted by an appliance dealer..but told him he'd have to call her back, as we were coming from out of town~

The other bonus is that once we get the washer here, and hooked up...we are going to scrap out our old set..and with scrap prices up...we should be good to get $40 bucks at least for essentially the new to me set will only cost me $60 or so. I will report how much we get~~~

On the weekend, I did a layout for a challenge at Lovebug scrapbooking...and today when I went to check out the site, I discovered that I had won a rak for doing that layout...from my buddy how cool is that!!! I'm so excited...I love getting good mail.

My 'new' buddy Lisa (sassyscraps) informed me today that she is sending me a package out as well....I do believe I'm being quite spoiled by my scrappy friends...which is fine by me. I can't wait to see what will be in this package.

I have also found a few challenges at Lovebug and one at Scrap~tures that I can do so my plan is to work on them starting tonight and all day tomorrow. Thursday is a bit of a right off scrappin wise but there is always Friday hahahahahahahahaha

Sean and I were chatting today about our friends...and ya know what I have concluded...since letting people know I have this 'C' online friends have been there for me wayyyyyyyyyy more then my real life friends. I wonder why that is? Even just the emails, facebook messages 'online' (and even if Ive met you in real life, you are still considered an online friend if that's how I met you originally) friends seem to be so much more compassionate. To be honest...I don't know where I'd be without them..they keep me motivated...send me cards which I have all lined up in my scrap room. SOOOOOOOOOO I'd like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you. You know who you are. You guys are the best <3

Have a wonderful evening

Keep Smilin'

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sean just informed me..

that now our dryer is pretty much toast....see..don't ya just wanna be me hahahahaha
Now in the dryer's defence it is 13 years old and has dried a lot of clothes but still..anyone care to explain why everything happens at once~~He's going to tear it apart and see if he can make it dry better...but I think in the mean time I'm going to surf Kijiji and looked for a good used one. We could in reality hang all our clothes to dry outside, but I don't have a clothesline...and to put one in is costly too.

I cleaned bathrooms, mopped floors and vacuumed today. It's been about a year since I've done any of that 'manual' labour stuff. Now as bad as that sounds, Sean has been doing it for at least the last year (since he's been able after hurting himself) I've been feeling a little bad since now I'm home and I've not pulled my weight so to I start to thing I know he's vacuuming while I'm mopping...pretty good team we make and it gets done in half the time!!

So I'm working on Project 12 that's posted at I'm not really following the rules, but they are great sketches~You are supposed to take pics to match the that at the end of the year you have a complete year in review..but since I'm a rebel and don't like following rules hahahahahaha i'm doing pics I already have in my stash...I have about 1 1/2 photo boxes full of pics a few more scattered in there is no shortage.

Enjoy your day..the sunshine is wonderful~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scrappin mad LOL

SO, my buddy Lisa(SassyScraps) challenged me last night to do a layout using my favorite colour (pink) my favorite embellishment (flowers) and I had to use ribbon and ink...
Voila...this is what I created...I LOVE this was the perfect opportunity to use the supplies that my other friend Suzanne sent me in the PINK RAK.
Thanks Lisa, I LOVE this ~~ I created this for a challenge on Lovebugscrapbooking~~The layout had to have a picture of a cake and cake had to be used in the title...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A creating I will go....

just a few of my most recent creations~~

Friday, April 9, 2010


"Life is made of millions of moments, but we live only one of these moments at a time. As we begin to change this moment, we begin to change our lives"~~D. Trinidad Hunt's that for a way to start the day~~

I finished reading "Every Moment Matters" by John St. Augustine last night. There are quite a few really amazing 'moments' in the book.

So, I've been reflecting this week...not really sure why it's just been one of those weeks..the kind that makes you think about all the 'moments' that have happened ...and of course we as humans try to analyze why they happen.

2007 was a great year..Sean and I were both working..We were in our dream home for a year..we had 3 great kids at home..we didn't have a lot of money but we did have enough to do some reno's on the house, go out with friends etc. Life was good..we were happy , healthy and for the most part...exactly where we wanted to be. Then all went to hell in a handcart...for lack of more profound words

2008 began with my oldest daughter leaving our house for her dads..thinking it was the best thing for her because she knew he'd give her more 'monetary' things that we wouldn't or couldn't. We tried to teach our kids that the only way to get what you wanted in this life was to work for it. I guess that wasn't what she wanted and in the process caused a lot of hard feelings. Most moms and daughters argue...but we didn't...not much anyway. We might have had two or three really good arguments a year...that's it... Now we spent the most part of the last two years not speaking...or barely speaking. Now before you think that I should have 'stepped up' being the parent...don't think I didn't..I tried numerous times but she just seemed too angry. And even as a parent it's hard to just 'forget' things that have happened.
This entire thing caused a big wedge between her father and I who for the majority of the 13 years we'd been apart...have got along quite well.

Sean and I had never ever had a holiday so we scrapped together enough to go to Mexico in September of that year. It was the best thing we'd ever done. There had been so much stress that it was so good to just get away. We had such a good time..and to spend every single day with each other was amazing. A lot of couples will admit to not being able to spend every day with each other without driving each other's not that way with Sean and I.

Exactly 32 days after we arrived home from Mexico...Sean was coming off our roof, stepped on the ladder, the ladder let go and fell to the deck and Sean fell onto the ladder, on his back. Thank god for cell phones..he had his in his pocket and after quite a few 'moments' he was able to call me. When he told me he fell off the roof, my heart sank. I knew it was bad for him to have to call me. I immediately left work and drove home where he was still laying on the deck. He was in so much pain...he couldn't stand up. He could however move his legs so even in this there was a small miracle. After two days in the hospital and finding out he's crushed a vertebrae (and broken a rib) in his back. Of course we remained optimistic that he'd be able to return to work, in what we hoped would be a few months. Well it's now been 18 months since he's worked and to be honest..neither of us expect him to return. So at the age of 42 he's looking at being on a disability the rest of his life. For anyone who knows him..he's a very active person..which he still tries to be it just results in a lot of pain.

Fast forward to April 2009..My son decided that since his sister got everything handed to her at their dads, he was going to move there as well. Here we go again..although I knew it would happen eventually so I wasn't nearly as upset and have done my best to keep my relationship with my son a good one. He's made a lot of decisions at 17 years old that are not good ones but I can't control that. It breaks my heart but I have to believe that someday he'll realize on his own that he's capable of so much more.

Fast forward again to September 2009..I decide that I'm tired of being financially strapped ALL the time. We can't do anything extra, all reno's have stopped in our house (unless they don't cost a thing) and I haven't bought anything scrapbook wise since before Sean was hurt so I decide I need to step up and make a change. I decided that I was going to become a mortgage broker and maybe for once have some sort of future financially and take the pressure off Sean. He feels terrible that he can't provide for us the way we were used to. So I bite the bullet, buy the self study course at $450 bucks and I have 4 months to study and write the exam. I'm reading and reading and reading ...piece of cake.

Fast forward to December 9th--I found a lump in my right have got to be kidding me. This is one 'moment' that I'll never forget. I knew exactly what it it it it whatever you want.. I knew it was serious. So, instead of trying to finish studying..I cried almost everyday for a week..could barley go to work for puffy eyes and tears flowing the minute I'd think about it..but I did..Hey...did I ever tell you how tough I am???

I must book my exam within 4 months of ordering the course...or I have to pay another $75. Well not putting out more money unless I have to, so I book the exam for January 9th. I was OFFICIALLY diagnosed on January 4th. Now, like I said, I knew what it was...hearing the doctor say it was simply a formality..but like anything..there is always a small smidgen of hope that a miracle (if you believe in miracles)

Fast forward to January 8th 2010..We met with a surgeon our doctor recommended who after looking at all my tests..tells me he could remove the lump but it would be more convenient to just do a mastectomy and remove the entire breast. It would save me from having to have radiation treatments. They can reconstruct a breast in about a year, even reconstruct a nipple and the good news is...they can lift my other one to match the new I'd get a boob job on behalf of our health care system. He says all this with a grin on his face. Is he serious? Am I supposed to be happy about this? Like I said earlier..I'm am a very tough woman..but even tough women can be kicked to the ground.

Fast forward to January 9th..Sean and I are on our way to Toronto so I can write my exam. All the way down I'm trying to remember what I'd read and I can't. I don't remember any of the formula's to calculate mortgages..oh man I'm so screwed. All I can think of is this damn tumor and why the hell this crap keeps happening to us~~

January with friends who suggest I get a second opinion. WHY didn't I think of that..sheesh..ok ..done..and you all know the rest --chemo then surgery~~

Fast forward to January 16th..I get an email from the company regarding test scores...Congratulations Teresa have passed the mortgage brokers exam. Are you freakin serious...I literally screamed...I scared Sean when I did. Something finally went my maybe things are going to change. Another great 'moment'

Fast forward a week, I contact the lady that agreed to add me to her team of mortgage brokers. She informs me I need aprox $1200 to finish the licencing process. Kicked again ...where the heck am I going to come up with this? Well to this date..I haven't..why is a couple thousand bucks so hard to come up with..oh yeah...I forgot for a second..neither of us are working~I've had to borrow money to pay our mortgage so can't see this happening any time soon.

SO, here i sit..trying to analyze everything that has happened to us in the last two years. I live by the motto 'everything could always be worse' and it could..but can't someone just cut us a break?
I guess that would be too easy...we are fighters..Sean and I..we will persevere..I truly believe that. I am a firm believer in ' we control our own destiny' but why does that control have to always come down to having money.

Don't mistake this for me feeling sorry for myself, or not being as positive as previous posts have been..I'm still very positive..

Just thought I'd enlighten everyone on our last two years ....LOL pretty crazy eh~

Wake up every single day be thankful for what you could always be worse~

Keep Smilin'

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here's my house....

as it was in the winter anyway. I do need to get some shots this spring and summer but you can probably guess why I love it. It reminds me of a cabin. I love log houses...and when Sean and I met, we talked about all the things we liked. Funny we both loved log houses and ironically our first house together (that we bought) was log~ He asked me the other day if we could build a new house what would I want...... my answer was log. I would love to be able to build a huge log home...and I mean huge hahahaha..complete with spiral staircase and a loft. Maybe someday!
Anyhoot...when we bought this place the basement wasn't finished. I did speak with a realtor that had seen this house when the previous owner to the guy we bought it from. She asked me one day where I lived and I told her. She started to describe the house exactly and I agreed that yes, that was the house we bought. Then she said " then you go down stairs to a beautifully finished basement"...well you should have seen the shock on my face. So after some inquiry..seems the guy we bought the house from decided one day he didn't like how the basement was done and ripped it all out...decided to re-do it his way. Well unfortunately he didn't have a clue how to do things. If you've ever watched Mike Holmes on HGTV'll know his motto is 'Make It Right' the job right the first time.
We have had to rip out drywall and insulation down here because it wasn't done right, has been wet at some point and was moldy. I said to Sean today...finish ripping it we can at least start over eventually. Now that spring is here, we can get all this crap to the landfill (unfortunately) and work towards doing it properly. He just called me over to show me wires that are supposed to be stapled to the 2x4's with proper wire staples..but the wires were attached using finishing nails that were folded over. OY...Mike Holmes would have a fit hahahaha
Then Sean calls me back in to show me a wire that had some electrical tape wrapped around it. He pulled the tape off (as it was falling off anyway) to reveal a damaged wire. It has been nicked at one point and instead of the goof replacing it...he covered it with the tape. Each wire inside the big wire is coated to prevent arcing...well the coating was off a wire...which could have arced and started a fire...and our 42" flat screen tv was plugged into this wire.
(where are the OMG smilies when you need one)
SO...on the bright side...we did know when we bought this place that it needed work...we also got this house WAY under what it would be worth had it been done which means everything we do increases the value for us...BONUS. Also...Sean knows how to do all the work...from electrical to plumbing to construction...BIGGER BONUS (if he didn't, we wouldn't have bought it)
Glad he found the wire so he can replace it probably before anything bad happens...if this house catches fire...there isn't much else to do but RUN!!!!!
Keep Smilin'

Happy Hump Day!!!

OK, so I've had a couple of lazy days...I have so many things I'd love to get done...but just haven't had the 'get up and go' to bother but I think today I'm going to start working on some scrappin challenges.

I have officially lost 7.6lbs in 6 weeks...not bad I suppose...although I'm aiming for more hahahahaha. The one 'plus' if there is one about having a lump in a breast as opposed to cancer internally that I can actually feel the changes in the lump...and I have to's shrinking...I can feel the difference..yayyyyyyyyy how awesome is that. Even when I met with the surgeon at Princess Margaret ..she said that was one benefit (if you could call it a benefit) of a breast can usually feel it shrinking~~~I've read a lot of stories and sometimes wondering if the chemo is working can cause anxiety in the person..which I can totally understand. I mean...when I didn't get sick right off the bat...I wondered too if it was doing what it should but I can honestly is :) :) :)

I've read stories where people have said that getting cancer was a good it changed their outlook on life and on other people, the way they think etc. Now, to be honest I read these stories at the beginning of me finding out and my first thought was " YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME"...talked about a 'wacked' outlook hahahahahaha but I do have to really 'don't sweat the small stuff anymore''s just soooooo not worth it. I hate to sound all philosophical but seriously...ENJOY EVERY MOMENT.

I was emailing an acquaintance last night, she's gone through treatments twice ...having non-Hodgkin's lymphoma twice...and she said to me 'a positive attitude will do you better then any chemo or radiation every could' ...WELL THEN...I'll be cured in no time...

OK, enough of this cancer stuff...

Keep Smilin'

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter's over....

Hope you all had a great weekend~ The bunny was here (although Reece doesn't believe she still wanted to have an egg hunt ...not sure who had more fun...her for finding them or her dad for hiding them...then re-hiding them LOL ) We went to friends on Saturday night for really tired me out though..then Mom called and had us over for dinner yesterday. By last night..I was so tired....but I got a decent sleep so I feel pretty good today.

Yesterday was my 'achy' day...from the Neulasta needle I get to boost the white blood cells. Everything aches the day after I get it. Tylenol usually helps to subside the ache..thank goodness. We didn't get the nurse this time, Sean gave me the needle himself. We figured it was sort of silly to have a nurse come here for about 2 minutes of her time.

I'm working on getting some stuff ready to mail...and hopefully I'll get to scrappin in a bit. There are some new challenges over at Scraptures I'd like to work on.

I need to figure out how I can get licenced so I can get my mortgage brokers career started. It's costly but one mortgage would more then pay for the fees. I know a few people that are in the market for a mortgage...but I'll probably miss the boat on them...for now anyway...oh well..something I'm going to work on my spare time hahahahahaha

Enjoy the's so beautiful out...

Keep smilin'

Friday, April 2, 2010

well...they weren't kidding

I sat outside for about 15 minutes this morning and my face, arms and legs are red...not enough where they hurt...but definitely won't be doing that again...

I forgot to mention....this steroid that I'll have to take...apparently will make me 'squirrelly' according to the nurse...meaning I'll have more energy then I'll know what to do with , won't sleep and I'll have an appetite of a horse while I'm taking it (just the day before and the day of chemo) then once it's out of my system...I'll crash.....OY, won't this be wonderful~ I told Sean.."honey, if you hear the vacuum in the middle of the night, you'll know I just couldn't sleep" hahahahahahaha...amazing how they can make a drug to kill a tumor, but they can't get it to no make you eat like a horse..I plan to chain up the food cupboard and the way am I eating like a horse for two days.

Didn't do a lot today, or tonight. Going to settle in for a night of TV ...with Jamie Oliver's special

Enjoy your evening~

Keep Smilin'

Holy Heat

but it's so nice to feel it. Unfortunately with treatments I can't be in the sun too much, more susceptible to burning...but it's still nice to have all the windows open wide and airing out the winter blahs.

Nothing really planned for this long weekend...relaxing mostly. Mom said she might have us over Sunday, depending on how I we'll see. I'm content with hanging out here and scrappin.

Reece is in the baking mood :) there are banana muffins in the oven and peanut butter cookies being mixed up as I type...gotta love that she enjoys baking..and she's not quite 13~ I hope that lasts

I think we might have friends popping in today...I haven't decided if I'm going to put the wig on or leave my scarf on. The wig is so darn I'll likely leave the scarf on...who cares what people think hahahahahahaha ....not me :)

Have a super wonderful day..

Keep Smilin'

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Long day...but HALF WAY THERE!!!

We checked in at the hospital at 8:40am...and didn't start chemo until 12 noon...they were swamped. With tomorrow being Good Friday they aren't 'open' in the chemo they had to cram two days worth of patients into today. 89 patients in sad is that :( There is just way too much of this happening.

So, on that note...I'm done the first half of the treatments...They call my regimen FEC-D so I'm done the FEC part. Essentially the FEC are three different drugs...the F, the E and the D..all with their own set of side effects..which luckily I have managed to avoid for the most part. With the D apparently nausea and sickness is rare so I will no longer have to have anti-nausea that's a bonus (they cause headaches) BUT I now have to take steroids before getting the D to help offset any allergic reactions to the D...and the D can cause yellowing of finger I found out today that when I am getting the D next time...I will have gloves on and sit with my fingers in buckets of works the same way as if you were out in the cold. The idea is to slow down the blood flow to certain that the drug goes straight to the parts that need it. SO , because it affects the nails, they slow down the blood flow to my fingers, which will hopefully prevent any yellowing, and brittle nails. The D portion also causes body and bone aches...I'm really hoping I don't get that...but if I do...I shall deal with it too...tylenol has become a friend of mine......hard to believe I might have taken 4 tylenol a year before all this...and now I'm popping drugs and shooting drugs left right and center LMAO...but all for the greater good I say :) :) :)

SOOOOOOOOO the weather is so freakin gorgeous....we were all chatting at chemo about how they should have a suite people could be out of the gloom and doom and into bright sunny surroundings while having their treatments...what an awesome idea ~~~

I also stopped to get the mail and received the awesome kit from Scrap~tures...OH time this weekend. I was so hoping I'd get it today...since there isn't any mail delivery until I think Tuesday...and with the PINK rak...It's going to be so much fun to play with all these goodies.

Have a wonderful afternoon and evening...

Keep Smilin'