Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another project...hahahahaha

It's pretty much never ending, the things we want to change around our house. These are two pics of the front of our house. It's full of rock that the last guy must have thought looked good. Problem is ...he cemented all these together. We are removing all of it (transplanting the shrubs and trees) and eventually this will be a waterfall with a big window into our basement with the entrance door that is now behind the garage door that you can't see. We want to make a new entrance because this house is a little confusing to people who come for the first time. In the picture above you can see the rock walk way up the hill...that takes you to the side door. We want to make a new entrance way into the basement that looks inviting. Where those two tall trees are is hopefully going to be a waterfall. At the bottom of the walkway is a huge flat rock which Sean plans to use as the top of the waterfall. This is a HUGE job..and one we really need a mini excavator for...but today Sean is out there with a sledge hammer trying to break up as much rock as possible. I'm sure this is good exercise for his back hahahahahaha...good thing the doctor said there was nothing he could do to hurt himself worse (except of course falling off a ladder again)
While Sean is outside surveying what he's about to do, this little guy popped out of some greenery. He's just a baby...and my adorable husband came and got our camera(he's definitely been married to a scrapbooker for too long hahahahahahaha) and snapped a couple pics. How adorable is he :)

So...since Sean has found a job to keep himself busy today, I'm planning out a couple layouts (well one at least..not sure I'm fast enough to do more then one but we'll see) I've found 3 different challenges over at that I plan on working on and one challenge at so that should keep me busy for the next little while.

Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

You know it is so good when your man will go to town and work on making those changes like that! Shhhh, don't tell him....but he is a good guy:)

There are so many things around our house we want to do too, but money is the issue, and in most cases it is more because we have to hire someone else to do it! Oh well, I will always have something to look forward to this way!!!! LOL

Love the photo of the chipmunk. He is adorable! Love nature shots!

Laurie (Wally) said...

Love all your plans T.. it is going to look great when it is all done.. your little chickmunk is adorable too..what a great picture