Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter's over....

Hope you all had a great weekend~ The bunny was here (although Reece doesn't believe she still wanted to have an egg hunt ...not sure who had more fun...her for finding them or her dad for hiding them...then re-hiding them LOL ) We went to friends on Saturday night for really tired me out though..then Mom called and had us over for dinner yesterday. By last night..I was so tired....but I got a decent sleep so I feel pretty good today.

Yesterday was my 'achy' day...from the Neulasta needle I get to boost the white blood cells. Everything aches the day after I get it. Tylenol usually helps to subside the ache..thank goodness. We didn't get the nurse this time, Sean gave me the needle himself. We figured it was sort of silly to have a nurse come here for about 2 minutes of her time.

I'm working on getting some stuff ready to mail...and hopefully I'll get to scrappin in a bit. There are some new challenges over at Scraptures I'd like to work on.

I need to figure out how I can get licenced so I can get my mortgage brokers career started. It's costly but one mortgage would more then pay for the fees. I know a few people that are in the market for a mortgage...but I'll probably miss the boat on them...for now anyway...oh well..something I'm going to work on my spare time hahahahahaha

Enjoy the's so beautiful out...

Keep smilin'

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Sassette said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Our weekend was pretty quiet, but it was nice!
Hope you are feeling better today and not too achy! Can't wait to see what scrapping you have gotten done. I haven't touched anything in a few days, and I so need to do something!