Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Early Morning

Well, I haven't slept a whole lot. Tossed and turned so finally got up at 5am. It sure is peaceful in here when everyone is asleep..but then it happened *BARK* damn dog LOL so out we went for the morning's chilly out. I'm still only wearing my little night cap and it doesn't cover my neck...seriously...I bet none of you ever thought about how much your hair insulates your head!!I am hoping once the warm nights come I won't have to wear it to bed does move around when I do...and contributes to no a continual night sleep.

So, hopefully I won't be too tired throughout the day. Still not squirrelly though. Yesterday Sean says to Reece "So Boo, if you come home from school and your mom is climbing the trees don't worry , she's only looking for nut" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA isn't he a comedian..too bad he didn't get paid for all his wit!!!

I'm off for treatment #4 out of 6 today...hard to believe I've got half of these behind me. Time does wish me luck that today goes well. The first time for a new drug is always a little bit more nerve wracking , a bit of uncertainty as to weather I'll take it ok or not. They changed my appointment from 11am to 10:30am so hopefully we wont' be forever at the hospital. It's only one drug this time not I think once I'm in there it'll be IV drip for aprox one hour.

I'm going to take my camera too. I'm not doing too bad on my 'week in my life' photo's . I got quite a few yesterday which was cool. I'm hoping Sean will take a couple of me getting my chemo. Unfortunately my life at this point is pretty similar day to like I said before I fear my little 'project' is going to be rather boring but we'll see.

So there ya have's 6am...and it's starting to become light outside. The world is waking up.

I hope when you all wake up this morning, you smiled and realized how lucky you are!! Like I told my daughter (as long as she reads her blog she'll see it)

* You might think that you are behind the eight ball some days but be thankful you aren't under it*

Keep Smilin'


Sassette said...

Hey T, I will be thinking about you today! Hope all goes smoothly!

Tell Sean, that you wouldn't need to be climbing trees to find nuts.....he is RIGHT THERE!!!

Keep smilin' girlie!

Laurie (Wally) said...

good luck today... Hope you have not had to climb a tree yet...Thining of you.

Michelle said...

Love the first comment!!! LOL Too funny! I hope chemo went ok today and you didn't have any adverse reactions to this new drug!!!

Suzanne said...

Sorry you're not sleeping well T. I've had that problem for the last 8 months and it is NO FUN. It's amazing what 8 hours of sleep can do for you. But you can do anything for awhile because you have a good attitude. Oh and DH is bald..his head is always cold and a hat is a must on a camping trip! Hope you had a good day and can rest well tonight. (((HUGS)))